Elon Musk stands up to the racism controversy

Tesla’s CEO has accused the media of being racist against whites and Asians.

Tesla billionaire CEO Elon Musk (TSLA)- Get Free Reportnot afraid to interfere in all subjects.

At times he even gives the impression that he is trying to intervene in the hottest issues that divide society and often demand close attention to the facts presented and vigilance against the possibility of misinformation.

Serial entrepreneurs are keen to build a maverick image, close to people whose positions need to be taken seriously.

Few subjects seem to be taboo for him. He made the culture war one of his battles. His goal, according to him, is to defeat the “Awakened Mind Virus” that is destroying our civilization.

By this “awakening virus,” conservatives mean progressive or changing values ​​that threaten traditional values. They accuse it thus – Musk constantly repeats this – of the cancel culture’s “awakened mind virus”. We want to erase rejection, racism, and all those who do not share the values ​​of change.

Black people are “hate groups”

It is in this context that Musk took a stand on the very sensitive issue of racism. He feels that the media has become racist against whites and Asians, suggesting that the media has a prejudice against blacks and Latinos. , the new racism is against whites and Asians.

Musk took the blame after a user pointed out that Scott Adams, creator of the classic comic strip “Dilbert,” was dumped by various newspapers after racist rants about black people. clarified its position.

In a new episode of his podcast that aired on Feb. 22, Adams cited a Rasmussen poll that found 26% of blacks opposed the phrase “it’s okay to be white” and 21% of blacks against it. They answered “I don’t know.” This means that 53% of Black people surveyed agreed with this statement. But Adams draws the conclusion that his 47% of black people disagree with this sentence, which drives him into a racist rant. He speculated that blacks were generally “hate groups” and urged whites to “run away” from them.

“For a while, I identified as black,” Adams said. So I figured that was the hardest thing to do and it was in the biggest interest.So I focused a lot of my life resources on black I like helping Americans, so I started to identify as black just by being on the team.I’m fine with being white.”

He continued: “But from today I re-identify as White. […] hate group. So, according to this poll, not me, if nearly half of all black people are not happy with white people, according to this poll. “

“The best advice I give white people is to stay away from black people completely. Run wherever you need to go. Just run. There is no way to fix this. Fix it.” You can’t do that, right? You can’t fix this, you have to run away.”

“They are racist against whites and Asians.”

The fact that many news outlets have cut working ties with Adams has angered some Twitter users who have not failed to express their displeasure.

“Adams was horrified to learn that only half of black polls believed he could be white. MSM verdict: Adams is racist, but not like the 20 million black people who think it’s bad to be white.

It is interesting to observe that the number has increased from 47% of blacks who oppose to “half” of blacks. MSM stands for Mainstream Media. Also note that her 21% of black respondents said they were “not sure” rather than disagreeing with the statement. behavior of white people towards other races.

Born and raised in South Africa during the racist apartheid regime, Musk is no stranger to racial issues and never misses an opportunity to comment on the media being racist against whites. concluded. Thus he seems to suggest that Adams is now a victim of new media racism.

“The media is racist,” the billionaire responded, adding another tweet.

“For a very long time, the U.S. media was racist against non-whites, but now it is racist against whites and Asians,” Musk continued. “The same thing happened in America’s elite colleges and high schools. Maybe we can try not to be racist.”

“Adams’ comment was not good. But there is an element of truth in this…it’s complicated.Mainly we’ve leaned into identity with predictable consequences.Today’s power is complicated So back to that,” one Twitter user commented.

“Exactly,” the billionaire responded.

There is one fact that Musk is right. That said, racism against Asians has been on the rise since he was three years old. A national survey by AAPI Data and Momentive found that hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased since the pandemic began. From 1 in 8 of her in 2020 to 1 in 6 of her Asian American adults in 2021, they report having experienced a hate crime.

2022 status index 1 in 5 Americans believe Asian Americans are at least partially responsible for covid-19, compared to 1 in 10 last year.

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