Elon Musk Gives Crypto ANOTHER Boost

The wealthiest man in the world hinted that he would accept a particular crypto as a payment at a Tesla store, and faithfully to his words, Dogecoin was a big hit!

You know, I must admit that when I first started my crypto journey, I didn’t know it would be a roller coaster ride.


I have less emotional damage to end the relationship than months trying to navigate the world of cryptocurrencies, and no, I’m not a facet.

Every time I feel my feet are stable … it’s true that something pulls the proverbial rug from my feet and falls.

I’m pretty resilient, but still much cooler if these things work a bit evenly.

Of course, their volatility makes them very attractive. So while I sit here and whine about it, I can’t stop thinking that there is a way to understand it all.

I’m not there yet.

That said, at least one thing worked as expected. Cryptocurrencies seem to be boosted by someone who seems to know everything about cryptocurrencies today … Elon Musk.

Wonder Kind will deliver again

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is currently one of the brightest hearts on the planet.

When it comes to projects, the guy has almost a touch of Midas. Everything he touches seems to be successful.

PayPal (PYPL) … Success. Tesla (TSLA) … Success. SpaceX … Success. The Boring Company … Success. Not-A-Flamethrower … Success.

What’s more, every time a guy mentions crypto on Twitter, he adds the fact that they seem to be boosted by the fact that the wealthiest and smartest guys in the world have originated their existence.

A few months ago, Elon told the world that it would start accepting the cryptocurrency Dogecoin at the Tesla store to pay for shirts, hats and other stolen goods.

He boosted Dogecoin that day, even mentioning that he was considering taking Silpoto.

Well, fast forward on January 14th and stay true to his words. Tesla’s online store has begun accepting Dogecoin. And do you know what happened?

You guessed it … Dogecoin got almost 10% pop from it.

At some point, Doge rose by more than 15%. This is all because Elon gave them a purpose.

And it all happened in one little tweet:

How crazy is it?

Elon puts Dogecoin on the map!

What can you get with your Dogecoin?

By the way, so far, only a few items can be purchased with Dogecoin. It actually started out as a joke coin.

A Tesla cybertruck-shaped whistle costs 300 doge-or at the time of writing, it’s worth about $ 59 …

It was planned for 835 Doge, or about $ 164, as well as a commemorative belt buckle celebrating Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas.

There are some additional drawbacks.

Users will need a Dogecoin wallet to transfer currency to Tesla. In case of overpayment, don’t expect to get the money back.

The site states, “… if an order is overpaid with Dogecoin, the overpaid amount will not be refunded to the original payment method.”

Not only that, Tesla warned that the DogeCoin network could take up to 6 hours to confirm payments. And most importantly, the company states that orders paid with Dogecoin cannot be canceled or refunded.

If you buy them, they are yours.

Despite the drawbacks, this is still a cool development as this is just a dry run to see how to get the crypto as a payment.

At some point, this could open things up to Tesla’s customers who might be able to buy real vehicles in cryptocurrencies.

only time will tell…

For now, Dogecoin holders are happy, and they should be! Elon gave them all the gifts, and it’s definitely not a flamethrower.

Thank you, Elon … If something is important enough, you should try. Even – the possible result is failure.

Elon Musk

You are Mensh!

“If something is important enough, give it a try. Even-the possible result is a failure.” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk Gives Crypto ANOTHER Boost Source link Elon Musk Gives Crypto ANOTHER Boost

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