Elk Grove’s Newest School Honors City’s Tribal Past and Future

Students and teachers arrived for the first day of class on July 14 at Elk Grove Unified School District’s 43rd K-6 School, Miwok Village Elementary.

It will facilitate overcrowding in a booming part of the city and symbolize the growing bond with members and elders of local indigenous tribes.

The school is located on 10 acres of tribal land. The Wilton Rancheria Tribal Council worked with the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) in the planning and design of Miwok Village. The result was a school that would become a “kuchi honja,” the term Miwok for “a special place.”

“This was an opportunity to truly educate our youth and community about the culture and traditions of the tribe and help preserve it,” said District Councilor and Board Chair Crystal Martinez Alire, a registered member of the Miwok Ione Band.

Photo by: Marissa Johnson

“The Elk Grove Laguna area has always been an area that thrived with native tribes. Having the school is important to honor that community.”

-Crystal Martinez Alire, EGUSD District Trustee / President Board

The first day was a good day

“It’s real now,” said Kathy Masters, a professor of academic intervention. “Game in progress”.

The school currently has 657 students enrolled, according to principal Jodi Boyle. About three-quarters of them started the first day as part of the year-round multitrack programming. But even with a smaller crowd, the nerves of the opening day abounded. Teachers said they could say some students were a little nervous. They talked about the new friends they would make and the old ones they would see. Smiles grew as they listened to the new and exciting things they would learn. Most importantly, the teachers said it was also their first day. So their new adventure would happen together.

“Our three words this year are brave, wise, and strong,” said Professor Christina Altizer, who can’t wait to start creating a new school culture. “We are going to teach students how that can be in the yard and in the classrooms. It’s going to be amazing. “

Milestone of ribbon cutting marks

Two days before the school opened, a ceremony was held on campus to formally mark its conclusion. Many teachers and students met for the first time. The opening words and prayers were addressed by the elder of the tribe, Mary Tarango.

“We are lucky to be here. I think of the incredible teachings that are going to be given here for all the children,” Tarango said. I know the people here will continue to promote tradition and culture for everyone. Not just the Miwok people who are here, but all cultures. “

A blessing from the land was also led by Wilton Rancheria Vice President Raquel Williams. Indigenous traditional dances were also performed. City and school district officials praised the unprecedented cooperation with the Wilton Rancheria tribe. Every detail was taken into account, including the types of plants; the murals of each building, and the colors and selection of the Grizzly Pet. They all have a connection to the Miwok tribe.

“This is one of the best built projects we’ve been able to be a part of,” said Wilton Rancheria president Jesus Tarango.

“The community really mattered what we had to say. All you see around the school and the things that are really coming are two communities working together.”

-Jesus Tarango, president of Wilton Rancheria

Photo of; Marissa Johnson

Address overpopulation

Working together will be an important part of tackling growth in Elk Grove. The school district is preparing for unprecedented growth in the coming years. It is projected that Laguna Ridge alone will increase to an additional 725 students by the 2025 school year.

The district has already identified three more primary school sites in the area to cope with the growth. Two are south of Whitelock Way and west of Big Horn Boulevard. Another location would be south of Miwok Village and east of Big Horn Boulevard. Construction funding would likely come from statutory impact rates from developers and the state.

For now, Miwok Village will provide significant relief to the region. Zehnder Ranch was the only elementary school east of Bruceville Road and south of Elk Grove Boulevard. With a student capacity of 1,270, the school would face the challenges of accommodating the 1,404 students in its attendance limit.

For more information on Miwok Village Elementary School visit them online at: https://miwokvillage.egusd.net/

Photo source: Miwok Village Elementary Schooll

Elk Grove’s Newest School Honors City’s Tribal Past and Future Source link Elk Grove’s Newest School Honors City’s Tribal Past and Future

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