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Mike Stewart and his wife, Michelle sat in the shade under one val Oak tree in Elk Grove Regional Park, and awaited the traditional fireworks show that ended with the annual Salute to the Red, White and Blue festival. I knew the place was perfect, even though it was only 5:30 pm and the skies wouldn’t be alive in colorful busts and explosions for another four hours.

“I have a clean shot from the sky over the softball fields,” Mike said.

In addition, he had a clear view of the Elk Grove Auto Mall Stage where, at the time, the music group Apple Z was warming up before their show at 7pm at the festival organized by the city.

Dressed in a flag-like shirt, he was ready. Michelle was, well, somewhere on the west side of the park where several shops had baubles and all sorts of products that the vendors were selling.

The park was slowly filling up at this time with both vehicles and many Elk Grove residents looking for the right place to contemplate the thrones and the glittering sparkles of pyrotechnics.

The multicultural aspect of Elk Grove was in full display. People from many cultures were well represented. Abib recently arrived from Afghanistan. She wore her head covered and her dress long and flowing, something common in the country she had just left. Abib smiled and nodded to his young children and other women with their children nearby. This would be his first celebration on July 4th.

“This is America,” he replied when asked why the family joined Elk Grove Regional Park that night.

Elk Grove Deputy Mayor Darren Suen welcomed the crowd at 7 p.m., a color guard presented the flags, Tressa Dahlberg sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and the celebration was underway.

“We’re working to reach a crowd of 20 to 25,000 people,” city spokeswoman Kristyn Laurence said just before dusk. “We are very pleased with this participation.”

Recently, organizers changed the format from a daytime venue to a night-only event.

“People didn’t really show up to the event until later, anyway, so a shorter, condensed format works really well for this event,” he said. “The weather is also collaborating this year.”

Elk Grove city staff generously budget annually for this event, which has become one of the region’s biggest Fourth of July celebrations, Laurence said.

“This is a quality of life event for us and we don’t always recoup all of our costs,” he said. “Fireworks are very expensive and that’s why we charge a parking fee to help us recoup some of our costs. We approached our sponsors. “

It was an act for politicians as well. Elk Grove City Council member Stephanie Nguyen, who is running for State Assembly District 10 in November, was in attendance along with two candidates vying for Elk Grove City Council District 2 seat, Rod Brewer and Felipe Martin.

For the first time Sky River Casino, which plans to open this fall literally on the other side of Highway 99 from the park, is the main sponsor of the event. Spokeswoman Carrie Gordon said that although the casino is still under construction they wanted to participate in this celebration.

“This is very common in the casino industry even before the casino opens to get into the community and make sure the community knows about our rewards program,” he said.

Under his large blue pop-up tent, Gordon and his assistants were busy blowing up blue and white beach balls with the Sky River logo and handing them out to those who passed by.

Elk Grove wishes happy birthday to the USA | News Source link Elk Grove wishes happy birthday to the USA | News

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