Elk Grove Brewfest Returns With Sold Out Event

For the first time since 2019, attendees from the Sacramento region and beyond enjoyed venturing out to the sold-out tickets. Elk Grove Beer Party on Friday, April 15 at Elk Grove Park.

The annual beer festival has been postponed to 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Covid’s restrictions have been lifted for large public gatherings, and festival-goers can return to concerts and festivals. The lively event was open to the public for people over 21 years of age.

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, Deputy Mayor Darren Suen, Councilor Stephanie Nguyen, Councilor Pat Hume and Elk Grove Assemblyman and former Elk Grove Mayor Jim Cooper were among the political leaders present.

“After a two-year hiatus, Elk Grove Beer Party it got stronger and bigger. It was great to see the community enjoy great beer, wine, food trucks and friendships. “

Bobbie Singh-Allen, Mayor of Elk Grove

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen (right) with her husband, Jake Allen
Photo source: Marissa Johnson
Councilor Pat Hume (L)
Photo source: Marissa Johnson

“I was so happy to see Elk Grove Brewfest back! So far I’ve seen it all and everyone was wonderful. Coming out of the pandemic, it was the perfect place for our community to return to normal. Many thanks to Beers in Sac for their continued collaboration and faith in Elk Grove. ”

Darren Suen, Deputy Mayor of Elk Grove

Something For Everyone

There were over 60 breweries, wineries, ciders and beer clubs. Some breweries come from as far north as Chico, CA, as the Sierra Nevada Family Brewing Company, and as far south as Paso Robles, CA, as Firestone Walker Brewing Company. To do this, attendees had a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to taste. For a full list of the brewers who were present CLICK HERE.

Food Trucks and Entertainment

In addition to many of the breweries in attendance, the festival also featured gourmet food vans as well as a variety of vendors. The food truck lineup included many local favorites like “Jeeroz” and Hella Halo, as well as some newcomers to the area. For a complete list of the food trucks that were present CLICK HERE.

“The Elk Grove Brewfest was a wonderful event. I was happy to be a salesperson and connect with other vendors. I’m new to Elk Grove, so it was my first time attending. I will definitely be registering as a salesperson next year.”

-Adrienne Kelley, owner of LC Body Fragrances

There was also a stage with an eclectic musical line with “The Gold Souls”, “DJ Nocturnal”, “DJ Lions In Paris” and “DJ LG”.

In the VIP area, partygoers enjoyed comfortable seating on the couch and “Explore Elk Grove” offerings, which included a delicious orange cream, cream soda, and some wine offerings.

Festival-goers had unlimited tastings with their tickets and were given a 5-ounce glass for drinks. In addition, VIP ticket holders were delighted to receive a larger 10-ounce glass and a reusable bag that included a complimentary ticket to Punchline Sacramento, among other giveaways.

Reaction of those attending the beer party

Many guests came from all over the region to celebrate the Elk Grove Brewfest, including Chris and Dian Watson, owners of the Placer Roofing Company in Orangevale, CA, who are big fans of the local beer scene. They were delighted to see some well-known breweries from their part of town.

“My wife and I had a great time at the Brewfest. We enjoyed a lot of the beers, but we still favored our local beers like Knee Deep in Auburn and Moksa in Rocklin.

-Chris Watson, an Orangevale resident

Chris and Dian Watson, owners of Placer Roofing in Orangevale, CA.
Photo source: Dian Watson

“It’s been a few years since my last beer party. I’m glad things are back to normal and I can enjoy a good beer and food with great friends and family. I’m looking forward to the next Elk Grove Brewfest.”

Eric Phan, Elk Grove resident

Sacramento Refuge City

Beers in Saco, operated by Misty Alafranji and Ted Rozalski, they are the proud hosts of the annual Elk Grove Brewfest and have teamed up with Elk Grove City to move the venue from its former location, Old Town Plaza, to Elk Grove Regional Park this year.

It is important to note that Beers In Sac has also been associated with City of Refuge, which is an organization that supports marginalized and at-risk communities. Its mission is to empower people with “the ability to create a personal transformation that will lead to a healthy and prosperous community.”

The most epic experience of all was seeing people come together for a common cause, which benefits the community at large in a fun and safe way.

“Beers in Sac is honored and proud to offer a night full of love for our community, bringing people together and supporting a great cause (Sacramento Shelter City)

-Misty Alafranji, co-owner of Beers In Sac

Attendees were seen enjoying the evening and gathered together for the photo shoot
Photo source: Marissa Johnson

Elk Grove Tribune

Elk Grove Tribune was a proud sponsor of the Elk Grove Brewfest 2022. Prior to the event, EGT organized a raffle of tickets for the event along with some additional loot. The winner of the EGT and Beers In Sac collaboration raffle was Elk Grove resident Emily Gong.

In addition, EGT had a booth and gave Elk Grove Tribune sunglasses to attendees. Thanks to Beers In Sac for their collaboration and to Elk Grove City Council for their support of the Elk Grove Tribune!

We had a great time at this year’s Elk Grove beer party and are already looking forward to it coming next year!

Elk Grove Brewfest Returns With Sold Out Event Source link Elk Grove Brewfest Returns With Sold Out Event

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