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Santa Fe Springs — Elia Storres really wanted to finish what he started.

“Yes, I had a little expression on my face at the end,” said a senior at Long Beach Polyhai.

However, he was removed after a gritty inning on 62/3 after he gave up the two-run double-to-wright field on Phoenix Call and then hit a chase call on the pitch.

Second grade Lucas Scott came and walked Jordan Jaffe to load the bass, then flew Sam Granberg to the center to end the game and Jack Rabbit to Carabasas in the St. Paul Easter Championship game on Wednesday. Won 5-3. tournament.

Torres has been named the most valuable player in the tournament. He won two victories and hit a grand slam against his host, St. Paul, in the first of four tournament victories.

“I think it’s an honor,” Torres said of the award. Then he talked about the team, it’s 9-1.

“We are working hard here, trying to win and working as a team,” Torres said. “I think it’s really important to us. If we keep doing that, we’ll have a long way to go.”

Torres was charged with 3 runs and 5 hits. He hit five. The complete game would have been good.

“That is, I thought it was in me. I might have gone,” he said. “It’s just a mistake, a small blooper. It’s just baseball, and it’s likely to happen.”

The result was important, he said.

“We have won, that’s all that matters,” Torres said. “It’s really special to us.”

When Phoenix hit two run doubles in the seventh inning, the base runners were Max Rivera and Josh Mechanic. Both reached a well-positioned but not hard-hit single, where they found a place with the right fielder.

Polycoach Brent La Voie said he was excited about the victory and Torres’ performance.

“I thought it was great,” he said. “He did it today, but he almost completed the day in the first game of this tournament with St. Paul. It was he who hit the Grand Slam in the same game.”

Jack Rabbit scored three times at the bottom of starting pitcher Jeffrey Warner’s first inning without benefiting from the hit. Warner walked four batters, hit one, balked, and made an error behind him.

It gave Poly a 3-1 lead and Torres gave up the RBI single to Grunberg at the top of the innings.

Jack Rabbit increased his lead to 4-1 in the second inning with Torres’ sacrifice fly. When Sebastian Levalio scored a home run in the fifth inning, Poly scored 5-1.

Carabasas fell to 3-4, but Coyotes coach Sean Court said he was pleased that his team did not give up on the ship.

“I think these guys were really playing with all their hearts all year long and didn’t stop,” he said. “We’re back and have some games that are missing like this. I’m really proud of their efforts. But unfortunately, you sometimes get what you want. You have to play a full 7 innings to get in, and I don’t think I did it today. ”

“We will learn from it and will play Loyola tomorrow (in the non-league), so we want to bounce back and win a” W “tomorrow. ”

Elias Torres helps Long Beach Poly beat Calabasas to win St. Paul Tournament – Daily News Source link Elias Torres helps Long Beach Poly beat Calabasas to win St. Paul Tournament – Daily News

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