Elena Rybakina wins women’s Wimbledon title in 3 sets over Ons Jabeur – Press Telegram

WIMBLEDON, England – Elena Rybakina beat Ons Jabeur 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 on Saturday in the Wimbledon final to become Kazakhstan’s first tennis player to win an individual Grand Slam championship.

Rybakina is a 23-year-old girl born in Moscow and has been representing Kazakhstan since 2018, when that country offered her funding to support her tennis career. The change was a topic of conversation during Wimbledon, as the All England Club banned all players representing Russia or Belarus from entering the tournament due to the Ukrainian war.

Rybakina ranks 23rd since the WTA computer rankings began in 1975, only one woman ranked lower than Rybakina won Wimbledon: Venus Williams in 2007 in 31st place, although she had been No. 1 and has already won three of her five races. . Wimbledon trophies.

This was the first match for the women’s title since 1962 at Wimbledon between two players who debuted in a grand final.

Rybakina used his great serve and his powerful right-footed shot to overcome Jabeur’s mix of turns and slices on the center court. Rybakina put an end to Jabeur’s streak of 12 consecutive wins, second-placed, which came entirely on grass tracks.

Rybakina showed his best hits right away: a great serve – he leads the aces tour in 2022 by a wide margin – and a flat right. There were glimpses of both in the opening game, including a 119 mph service winner at the starting point of the game.

It didn’t take long to adapt to Jabeur, the 27-year-old from Tunisia.

In Rybakina’s second service game, Jabeur was reading better services and using his trademark variety to create less attractive opportunities for benchmark power. A squash-style right-wing shot drew a right into the net to earn a break point, which Jabeur converted to lead 2-1 by putting in a 120 mph serve and then watching Rybakina navigate a long setback.

Jabeur turned to his guest box, jumped up and screamed.

Rybakina’s mistakes increased. A volley on the net tape with the full track wide open. A right-footed shot after Jabeur barely got a short return. When another right-footed shot went wrong, Jabeur broke love to take the initial set and threw an uppercut as he walked toward the side.

However, this would not be a rampant victory. Rybakina stabilized and his portion became more effective. Jabeur began to have trouble using all his creativity.

As Jabeur’s right became more and more problematic, Rybakina got his serve and his bottom blows in the second and third sets.

Rybakina, who beat Serena Williams at last year’s French Open, finally won her first break opportunity to start the second set and went 1-0 up when Jabeur missed a right-footed shot. After saving four break points in his next two service games, Rybakina broke again and soon led 5-1.

Jabeur leads the women’s tour with 13 wins in three sets this season, but Rybakina has come out much stronger in the decisive this time. She broke once more to start the third, and went up 3-1.

Jabeur needed to find a way to reduce his mistakes; On the right side alone, he lost 15 points, 10 for forced errors and five for unforced errors.

Jabeur seemed to give himself a chance to really change the course of things as he lost 3-2 in the third. He took advantage of a couple of points he earned through a drop shot and a lob into love-40 on Rybakina’s serve.

But Rybakina erased that trio of breakpoints and took the game, aided by a pair of 119 mph serves. That grip made it 4-2, and Rybakina quickly broke it again. He was now just one game away from the biggest win of his career, and he had to serve for that.

When one last serve attracted a wrong return from Jabeur’s racket, Rybakina seemed to sigh, before escaping in a small smile.

Shortly afterwards, she climbed the wall in the front row to take a walk through the stands for celebratory hugs with her team.

Elena Rybakina wins women’s Wimbledon title in 3 sets over Ons Jabeur – Press Telegram Source link Elena Rybakina wins women’s Wimbledon title in 3 sets over Ons Jabeur – Press Telegram

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