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Sacramento County Sheriff’s Captain Jim Barnes, who last year became the first candidate for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s career in 2022, responded to the news that Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, has joined recently to that career.

After 14 months of speculation, Cooper, a 30-year veteran and former member of Elk Grove City Council, declared his candidacy for sheriff on Feb. 10. He also ran in the 2010 elections, in which he lost. in a close race with current Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

Jones announced last month that he would run for the newly created 3rd District Congress of the state, which includes parts of Sacramento as well as other areas.

Barnes worked for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office for more than two decades.

He told Citizen that he was not surprised by Cooper’s decision to join the race.

“I always knew Jim was going to come in,” Barnes said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“I was not surprised that it took so long to leave, because I know that in a fundraising effort it is easier for him to raise money as a person in the Assembly than as a (candidate) for sheriff.”

Barnes noted that what he finds interesting about Cooper’s candidacy for sheriff is that he believes Cooper could have a better impact on the California legislature on certain issues he has already mentioned as a sheriff’s candidate. He said such problems include homelessness and mental health.

“It’s interesting to me, because I had more influence at the State Capitol with the money and being able to collaborate with other people to make that happen,” he said.

Barnes cited rising crime and homelessness as his two main problems, noting that those problems have some cross-effects.

“It’s not a crime to be homeless, but we have some social issues and some challenges (and) some violent crimes that are directly related to the homeless population,” Barnes said. “So how do we provide that balance?”

Barnes mentioned that he has established a program called risk / need assessment, which addresses the root cause of a crime, whether it is homelessness, mental health problems or other risk factors.

“If we can get into the front end, I think we will have a significant impact on what we are seeing in our communities,” he said.

Barnes said he is working to bring together regional partners to set up a retail working group in response to rising retail thefts.

The candidate further stressed the need to keep businesses safe.

“We have to help our businesses thrive, because if businesses start moving out of Sacramento, crime will continue to rise, and we can’t have that,” he said.

Although Barnes said he believes Jones has done a good job as sheriff, he said he hopes to implement more of his own vision in the department.

“I know that once the Sacramento communities listen (to my ideas), they will want more,” Barnes said. “I think that, for me, it is vision, the energy in which I will contribute; I think the association in which I have. I look forward to taking the sheriff’s office to a level never seen before. “

Barnes added that the department has good relations and strained relations, and that it is working to rebuild trust with the communities.

“Just being that voice that whenever they need help or someone comes up and needs any kind of help, we’re there for them,” he said.

Regarding Elk Grove, Barnes mentioned that he is interested in promoting the strong partnership he mentioned with city management.

“How do we work together, not only as law enforcement, but also as a City Council?” he asked. “What is the vision and understanding of the vision and mission they are advancing?

“They’re getting a new casino in Elk Grove and that’s going to bring some challenges, but it’s also going to bring incredible opportunities to the Elk Grove area. So how do we continue to be that good partner to move forward?

As a candidate for sheriff, Barnes has the backing of Jones, as well as former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis and former U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott.

Barnes has identified his experience as part of the reason he feels he is the best candidate in the sheriff’s career.

“With 24 years of experience, I worked at all levels of this organization in the sheriff’s office, from a new correctional officer to patrols, through investigations as a sexual assault investigator, homicide investigator, and then continued my elevation. ranks to where I am the deputy head of field research services, ”he said.

Barnes added that his strengths as a candidate also include keeping up with the problems facing law enforcement and having the “overwhelming support” of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association.

“They’ve already built strong relationships,” he said. “So that’s what makes me the most qualified. That’s what excites me about being the next sheriff is the opportunity to be a part of that change and that partner in change.”

Election ’22: Sac County sheriff candidate Barnes speaks about county issues, new opponent | News Source link Election ’22: Sac County sheriff candidate Barnes speaks about county issues, new opponent | News

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