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Sacramento County Board of Supervisors candidate Steve Ly threatened litigation during a May 11 press conference to challenge emails containing negative claims against him.

Ly, a former mayor of Elk Grove, is one of four candidates hoping to fill the vacancy left by District 5 supervisor Don Nottoli, who is not running for re-election.

Other candidates include Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume, Cosumnes Community Services District Council Chairwoman Jaclyn Moreno, and Alex Joe, a former Elk Grove Unified School District Administrator.

District 5 includes the communities of Elk Grove, Galt, Wilton, Rosemont, Mather, and Rancho Cordova, and the communities of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

While in front of the Sacramento Real Estate Association (SAR) headquarters, Cua Lo-Ly, Ly’s wife and teacher, told attendees at the press conference that the California Realtors Association and its subsidiary , SAR, are spreading misinformation about her husband in election emails sent to local voters.

“We are here again to address the maliciously false and defamatory acts of the California Real Estate Association or CAR and its affiliates,” he said.

Lo-Ly also referred to Hume as the “election candidate” of the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Sacramento Realtors Association in the District 5 election. Hume was endorsed by that PAC.

An election email funded by the California Realtors Association obtained by Citizen this week refers to Ly as a “failed politician” who wants to “hide his past from voters.”

The mail refers to allegations that Ly intimidated women who were politically opposed to him, and that several women, including elected officials, testified that Ly used her position to harass her opponents and silence her critics.

It is noted in the same email that the Sacramento County Grand Jury is investigating Ly.

The reverse of the flyer advises voters not to vote for Ly.

During the 2020 Elk Grove mayoral election, allegations were made that Ly’s associates or supporters had harassed several local women who were politically opposed to him. Ly denied the allegations that anyone was harassing people.

Ly’s accusers included Moreno and the current mayor of Elk Grove, Bobbie Singh-Allen, who defeated Ly in that election.

After reviewing allegations of harassment against the mayor, the City Council in August 2020 voted in favor of a Sacramento County Grand Jury investigation into those allegations. All four board members, including Hume, supported Singh-Allen as mayor.

Ly told reporters at the press conference that his opponents had fabricated lies about him.

“They can’t assault me ​​on my record, so they invent things,” he said.

Regarding the Grand Jury’s request for investigation, Ly noted that the Grand Jury did not address that issue.

“The Grand Jury’s decision not to accept these excessive and false references from Elk Grove City Council is no surprise,” he said.

The final report of the Grand Jury is scheduled for release next month.

Ly mentioned that he is currently seeking possible litigation regarding the alleged “lies” made against him.

“I have instructed my lawyers that I have counted on them to investigate the litigation over these false, malicious and defamatory statements,” he said. “Consider this a warning about all these blatant lies that must be stopped. Today I tell you that I refuse to be your scapegoat or your victim.”

Ly noted that he would rather focus on the issues of his campaign, rather than address the allegations made against him. He referred to such issues as mental health and the homeless, adequate funding for public safety, employment and economic development, and education and careers.

Several other speakers spoke in support of Ly at the event. Among those speakers was Donna Cox, who was endorsed by Ly for the 2018 Sacramento County Sheriff.

Tab Berg, a spokesman for the Hume campaign, responded to emails from the California Realtors Association mentioning Ly.

“We have no influence on any independent group that criticizes their record,” he said. “We can’t tell these groups what they can say, we can’t tell them what they can send by mail, we can’t have any involvement.

“So I think (Ly is) desperate, because his campaign is failing and he’s desperate to get attention.”

The Sacramento Realtors Association did not respond to Citizen’s request for comment until the time of publication.

Ly says his campaign signs were vandalized and offers a $ 1,000 reward

Ly announced in a May 17 press release that signs of his campaign had been vandalized across the county and that authorities had been informed of the activity.

“The zip ties were cut off and signs were stepped on,” he wrote. “Please be on the lookout for people or people who are destroying the signs for my campaign. My signs are the only ones that are all over Sacramento County, and I’m asking for your help.

Ly offers a $ 1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the alleged vandalism.

In the same press release, Ly’s opponent, Pat Hume, is mentioned several times, and the Sacramento PAC Realtors Association is referred to as “Pat Hume’s Special Interest Group.”

Although Ly does not specifically accuse Hume and his followers of vandalizing his signs, the press release mentions that the “hatred” that Hume and his followers “perpetuate cannot be tolerated.”

Berg spoke to Citizen about the press release, noting that he believes Ly is “overflowing” the situation.

“(Ly is) being a little ridiculous,” he said. “No one in our campaign smashed a poster for any candidate, and I think they know it.

“We don’t know who knocked down the signs. It could be the vandals, or the other campaigns, the nature or the owners who are fed up with politicians invading their property, or it could be (Ly’s) campaign doing it for the desperate attempt. to draw attention.

Election ’22: Ly threatens litigation in reaction to negative campaign mailers | News Source link Election ’22: Ly threatens litigation in reaction to negative campaign mailers | News

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