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Voters this November will see slight changes in the areas represented by the five directors of the Cosumnes Community Service District (CSD). The district council approved on March 16 a redesigned map of the five divisions of the council. They held the second and final public hearing on this matter.

The CSD board governs the Cosumnes fire department and the Elk Grove park and recreation system. Its 157-square-mile fire service area extends from Elk Grove to Galt.

Its new division limits are based on the 2020 census data and will be in effect until after 2030, when that year’s census data is released.

CSD directors chose Plan A map, which had fewer changes to the old map and has populations of approximately 40,000-42,000 in each division.

Director Jim Luttrell mentioned that there were no public complaints after the council approved its previous 2019 division map, which was based on 2010 census data.

“This Plan A map is very close to what we did last time … and we never received a complaint about what we did last time,” he told colleagues. “My thought is that we should be as close as possible to what we did last time.”

Minor changes to the map include Division 5, which expands west of Highway 99 and the Laguna Ridge and Sky River Casino areas, and Division 3, which loses part of its northern Laguna area, also Division 2.

There were no indications that some directors lived in the same division on the recently approved map.

The town of Galt and the rural Sheldon community of Elk Grove remain in Division 1, which is represented by Director Gil Albiani. During the March 16 table discussion, he noted that its large division lacks neighborhoods that are common to each other. The director argued that what matters is a division that has a balanced population of residents.

“There’s no way (Division) One makes sense because it’s a very illogical group of people,” Albiani said. “It’s all the way from the rural-rural to the densely populated center of Galt. I think if you can balance (the population), my vote goes for the best balanced.”

The council switched to by-elections by division in 2019 after directors were previously elected by voters in general and did not represent specific areas. In CSD division elections, voters only choose from candidates running in their local division. The system debuted in the 2020 election when incumbents Luttrell, Albiani and Orlando Fuentes were re-elected without opposition.

This November, the 2nd and 5th divisions will be put to the vote, which are represented respectively by the president of the Xunta, Jaclyn Moreno and Rod Brewer. Moreno is now running for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors while Brewer seeks the seat of Elk Grove County District 2.

During the March 2 CSD board meeting, district attorney Sigrid Asmundson told them that changes to the division map were needed as some divisions have experienced significant changes in their populations since 2010. Therefore, the map did not comply. the requirements of state law for roughly balanced divisions.

A March 2 staff report indicated that the district’s three unbalanced populations were in Elk Grove, which is a city that grew from 153,015 in 2010 to 176,124 in 2020.

The board intended to redesign a map that met the goal of having five divisions each with about 41,000 residents.

Redistricting Partners, the Sacramento-based company that drafted the district’s previous division map, has returned with three new map options. In addition to its little-changed Plan A map, other map options included division areas based on CSD fire station coverage areas and lighting and landscaping assessment areas where the district charges owners’ park maintenance fees. .

Directors have expressed concern about how the other two map options will drastically divide neighborhoods into different CSD divisions. Luttrell mentioned that those maps could also make some voters unable to vote in the CSD elections for six years, as the director of his new division would not be present for long.

Chris Chaffee, Redistricting Partners ’chief operating officer, said voters are affected every time an agency changes its district boundaries.

“I agree with that, but we wanted to minimize the impacts on citizens, not politicians,” Luttrell responded.

Chris Schamber, who recently resigned as the local representative for the 522th Sacramento Area Fire Department, spoke as a resident of Galt when he addressed the board during the public comment period of his meeting. He warned that the maps in plans B and C could prevent some residents from running for the CSD for six years.

“It’s very difficult to plan something and have the rules change at the last minute,” Schamber said.

Galt City Council member Rich Lozano asked the board to approve the Map A option. He recalled his experience serving on the CSD board in 2018 when his colleagues were concerned about how district residents would be better represented in the system. based on division.

“Drawing up a map that addresses (park assessment) benefit areas or fire response areas is not doing it,” Lozano said.

In the district redistribution process, Asmundson advised the council to consider his district’s “communities of interest,” which may include racial and ethnic groups. Chaffee told the council that race could be a consideration if they could delineate the geographical locations of Latino, Asian or black communities in their district.

Sources said Elk Grove’s racial and ethnic diversity is widespread and there are no concentrated ethnic neighborhoods.

“It seems to me that since I’ve lived here in Elk Grove that our culturally diverse communities are pretty much spread across the city,” the director said. “We do not have a Latin Quarter or a Chinatown, so it seems that we are divided. I like that about Elk Grove, it makes it very interesting. We did not have to look for the creation of districts that were united by the race ”.

At the end of the hearing, the CSD unanimously approved the map of Plan A, and also voted the opening of divisions 2 and 5 for the elections this November.

Election ’22: CSD board redraws directors’ division map | News Source link Election ’22: CSD board redraws directors’ division map | News

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