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The Sacramento County Electoral and Electoral Registry Office announced on June 14 that they still have more than 127,000 ballots left to count from the June primary election.

County spokeswoman Janna Hayes said an overwhelming number of county voters chose to mail their ballots.

“To do this, our staff will take several days to catch up on the tab now that everything has gone through our mail sorter and started to be processed,” he said in a press release.

The June 14 election office reported the latest election results with 24% of the ballots counted across the county. Its next update will be announced on June 17th. The total count is expected to end on July 7th.

Here are the latest counts for the congressional, state and county elections held for Elk Grove voters.

Matsui maintains a big lead in the D-7 Congress election

U.S. Rep. Doris Matsui, a Democrat from Sacramento, continues to lead the Congressional District 7 primary election.

District 7 was redesigned last year and now includes Elk Grove and Galt to the south, part of Sacramento to the north, Isleton to the southwest, and Rancho Murieta to the east.

This district includes the Matsui Land Park neighborhood in Sacramento.

As of June 14, Matsui was leading the election of three candidates with 63.9% of the vote, while Max Semenenko, a Republican from Citrus Heights, had garnered 28.3% of the vote.

Behind Matsui and Semenenko is Jimmy Fremgen, a Democrat from downtown Sacramento who received 7.7% of the vote.

The first two candidates in this election will go to the general elections this November.

U.S. Rep. Ami Bera, an Elk Grove Democrat who has been representing Elk Grove in Congress since 2013, is running in the redeveloped District 6 election that covers northern Sacramento County. He currently has a big lead in those elections.

Although Matsui still has a significant advantage, Semenenko has narrowed the gap in this election by almost 5% since June 7, when he had 25.8% of the vote compared to 66.6% for Matsui.

On June 14, twice as many ballots were counted as on June 7.

Fremgen’s share rose from 7.5% on June 7 to 7.7% on June 14.

Matsui responded to his ability to maintain a major lead in these primary elections.

“I am thrilled to see such strong support throughout the new district, including Elk Grove,” he said. “I think Elk Grove voters recognize the hard work we’ve done across the region, and with their support in November, I look forward to continuing that work.”

Semenenko told Citizen on June 14 that he is already working out his strategy for the November elections.

“I’m looking forward to November,” he said. “Today I will have my strategy meeting. My main strategy is to meet people and encourage them to vote for me in November.

“If people give me hope that I’m going to vote, then we have a chance.”

Hume and Moreno hold the top spot in the D-5 election of the Board of Supervisors

In the June 14 updated election results for the June 5 primary election of the four-member Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Pat Hume maintained his position as the top voter.

The top two finishers in this election will advance to the November general election if none of the candidates gets a majority of the votes.

District 5 covers more than 650 square miles and includes the communities of Elk Grove, Galt, Rancho Cordova, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

On election night, June 7, Hume, a member of Elk Grove City Council, had a nearly 10% lead over his closest competitor, Cosumnes Community Service District Board Chairwoman Jaclyn Moreno.

The next morning, Hume’s lead rose to 11.1% over Moreno.

The June 14 update on votes counted this Hume election program with an 11.3% advantage over Moreno.

According to that update, Hume got 43.0% of the vote, followed by Moreno with 31.7%, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly with 18.3%, and Alex Joe, a former Unified School District Administrator. of Elk Grove, with 6.8%.

Hume spoke with Citizen about the latest results.

“We feel like we’ve done a campaign that has given us a chance to do it in the primaries. While our advantage continues to improve with each upgrade, it looks like we’ll be a little below winning outright,” he said. “With so many people in the race, I think the math turned out to be too difficult. In any case, it’s good to have such a strong advantage right now.”

Whoever becomes the next District 5 county supervisor will make history as the first person to hold that seat in addition to Don Nottoli since 1995. Nottoli told Citizen last year that he would not seek re-election this year.

Cooper remains the leader in the sheriff’s career

Jim Cooper retained more than 50% of the vote in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s career. The Elk Grove Democratic Assembly member had 55% while his opponent, Sacramento County Deputy Mayor Jim Barnes, had 44%.

If Cooper holds the majority of votes when the count is over, he will win the June election and will not need to run in a second round in November. The winner will succeed Sheriff Scott Jones, who ran for the third seat in the California Congressional District and lost this month to fellow Republican Kevin Kiley.

The sheriff’s recent career is Cooper’s second campaign as sheriff after losing to Jones in the 2010 election. Cooper is a retired captain of the Sacramento County Sheriff who served on Elk Grove County between 2000 and 2014 the district of the 9th Assembly.

Updates on the runs of the local assembly and the state senate

On June 10, the two Eric in the 10th Assembly District election were in a virtual tie. Eric Rigard, the only Republican candidate in the race, was just 50 votes behind his Democratic opponent Eric Guerra.

In the last count, Guerra’s lead increased by 724 votes, up 28% from Rigard’s 27%. They compete to finish second in the race behind Democrat Stephanie Nguyen, who retained her lead with 31% of the vote. The two best candidates in this race will compete in the November election.

Nguyen is a member of Elk Grove City Council and Guerra serves in Sacramento City Council.

Behind Nguyen, Guerra and Rigard are Tecoy Porter with 8% of the vote and Ben Thompkins with 5%.

Candidates for the 8th State Senate District race are now set for November. Democrat Dave Jones, a former state insurance commissioner and member of Sacramento City Council, maintained his strong lead with 46% of the vote. His Democratic opponent Angelique Ashby, who is a member of Sacramento City Council, had 41% of the vote. The third candidate of this race, Rafa García was far behind by 11%.

Election ’22: County releases latest election counts | News Source link Election ’22: County releases latest election counts | News

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