Election ’22: Challenger joins Elk Grove’s mayoral race | News

Brian Pastor, an 18-year-old Elk Grove resident, will challenge Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen in this November’s election.

Pastor, who also ran for mayor in 2020, spoke this week with Citizen about his decision to seek mayor again.

“I decided to run for mayor again because I have the time, devotion and passion to be a solid driver for our City Council residents,” he said. “I also feel that there are still a lot of issues on the table that need to be addressed.”

He referred to crime as Elk Grove’s main problem and his main personal problem.

“It seems like there are reports of robberies, major thefts and violence every day,” Pastor said. “Residents face porch piracy, theft of catalytic converters and burglary. Businesses are also affected.”

He added that this growth in crime continues as Elk Grove is adding new amenities, businesses and housing.

“We have to do more and evolve with the threat landscape,” the candidate said. “We need to discourage this behavior and protect our citizens from further acts of theft and / or violence.”

Pastor noted that after the crime, his next major issues of concern are the preservation of rural communities and the homeless.

“If these problems are not controlled, they will erode the growth of our city and the quality of life of the residents,” he said. “Without going into details right now, my plan would involve technology, rural community representation, and streamlined processes to help the homeless.”

Pastor reflected on the 2020 mayoral election, in which he received more than 10,000 votes and came in third behind Singh-Allen and incumbent Steve Ly, who was elected as the country’s first ethnically Hmong mayor in 2016.

The 2020 election was controversial in which Ly and Singh-Allen participated. Local women, including Singh-Allen, were allegedly harassed by Ly’s partners or supporters. Ly denied the allegations that anyone was harassing people.

During the same campaign, Singh-Allen was accused of making racist and intolerant statements against the Hmong community, a claim she also denied.

Addressing his pre-mayoral campaign, Pastor noted that it was a learning experience.

“I have learned to stay away from political struggles and focus on the needs of our neighbors,” he said. “It also reminded me of the importance of face-to-face and public outreach. The zoom sessions were nice, but they were very limiting. “

After receiving 18% of the vote in the 2020 election, Pastor is focusing on gaining more awareness as a candidate in this November’s election.

“I hope to have more exposure through traditional and social media,” he said. “I am planning a series of events that will (be) fun and for everyone. Stay tuned. ”

Pastor, who is the owner of an investment firm, has described himself as a candidate who is deeply concerned about supporting the city’s multigenerational community and providing greater resources for people with disabilities.

As a food and automotive enthusiast who describes himself, and who enjoys the arts, Pastor mentioned that he is interested in having more events related to these topics held at Elk Grove.

“I would love to have many more of these types of events and micro business events in Elk Grove,” he said.

Pastor explained why he believes people should vote for him as mayor.

“I’m a good listener, consensus builder, and someone who understands that Elk Grove is a community of communities,” he said. “Elk Grove residents want a mayor who can relate to them on a very fundamental and cultural level. I think I’m that person. “

Election ’22: Challenger joins Elk Grove’s mayoral race | News Source link Election ’22: Challenger joins Elk Grove’s mayoral race | News

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