Elden Ring’s New Patch Makes Some Huge Changes

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Elden Ring was almost three weeks out, but its developers are still working on perfecting the experience. On Wednesday, FromSoftware announced that a new patch had been deployed for the game, and it’s a big one. the The list of announced changes is extensive. There are some navigation improvements that will make your life easier. But there are also some nerfs that will make the fight significantly more difficult.

Start with what the patch added. You can now add icons on the map for non-playable characters (NPCs) you meet, making multiple quest lines easier. “New Quest Stages” have also been added for four NPCs: Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc. Since the patch has just been released, we don’t yet know what this new content will look like.

Perhaps more tangible are the many balance changes that FromSoftware has implemented. The topline nerf affects the Mimic Tear Ash, which allows you to summon a replica of yourself to fight enemies. The Mimic Tear Ash’s damage output has been reduced and her “behavior pattern” changed, which players say means she will use fewer special attacks. As someone who literally just beat the game Let me tell you this is a game changer because of the Mimic Tear Ash.

But the patch will also help you a lot. For starters, the wrought stone The drop rate will be increased and some Forge Stones can now be purchased earlier in the game. The Twin Maiden Husks will also sell you a Talisman Bag to make up for the fact that players can miss out on getting an extra one on the Roundtable Hold. The new patch also “increased the effectiveness of the shield,” which could prove to be a big help melee player. Some items are also now more effective – like Spark Aromatic and Ironjar Aromatic – and some spells have also been improved, including Comet and Star Shower.

Then, as you would expect from a patch, there is a large list of bug fixes. Of all the bugs listed, the only one I encountered in my 100 hours was my tarnished freezing in time and space after torrent summoning. Other annoying-sounding issues that have been changed include bugs that prevented item collection after boss fights, weapons not scaling stats properly, and a key area that doesn’t open after a key boss fight.

Elden Ring’s New Patch Makes Some Huge Changes Source link Elden Ring’s New Patch Makes Some Huge Changes

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