Eight Day Trips from Fresno

Fresno is a nice city with great restaurants and nice people, but sometimes you need to slow down away from everything. Fortunately, if you live in Fresno, it’s only a few hours from the many beautiful vacations and day trips you and your family can use to reset and recharge. This is a list of eight great local vacations and day trips organized from the closest to the farthest. Some of these are great places to take your kids with you if you have a little time after school, while others are good for weekend vacations. Happy exploration.

Less than an hour

Fresno is on the beautiful San Joaquin River. San Joaquin runs all the way from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the San Francisco Bay, and when passing Fresno, it’s near your home and is a great big beautiful river to explore on warm summer days.

Lost lake recreation area

The Lost Lake Recreation Area is just outside Fresno and is a great place for hiking, fishing, boating and camping.

Wildwood Native Park

Wildwood Native Park is a protected land on more than 70 acres on the border of Fresno City, with great hiking trails, picnics and rivers. If you’re a paddler, consider rowing Fresno all the way to a whole new view of the city.

More than an hour away

For a day’s vacation or weekend adventure from Fresno, there are plenty of options nearby. Simply drive San Hoakin on Highway 169 or drive southeast on Highway 180 and you will find yourself in the center of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park

Sequoia National Park

Just over an hour away from your home, there are two of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park are renowned for their beautiful giant Sequoia trees, wild backpacking trails and primitive campgrounds. If camping is not your style, there are lodges and resorts near the national park.

I remember the first time I trekked through Kings Canyon National Park … it’s really like I’ve never seen it before. Add this to your list as soon as possible.

Shaver Lake

Shaver Lake is even closer to Fresno. This reservoir on the San Joaquin River is just over an hour away from Fresno. However, due to the high altitude, it is not so hot in summer. Shaver Lake is a great area for fishing, camping and swimming.

More than 2 hours away

If you love the beauty of nature as well as the lovely warm beds at the end of the day, there are two world-famous tourist destinations within 3 hours of Fresno. Both of these areas are great weekend vacation destinations where you can explore the beauty of nature while enjoying the comfort of civilization.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley is often touted as one of the natural wonders of the world. Every year, thousands of people travel far from China to see this beautiful landscape. In addition, Yosemite, the second-established national park in the United States, has a long and fascinating history that can be explored at the Yosemite Valley Museum. The people of Fresno are incredibly lucky to believe that this beautiful landscape is near our home.


Old Fisherman’s Wharf

If the mountains aren’t important to you, you’re in luck. A few hours’ drive will bring you to the Pacific Ocean in less time than watching the Lord of the Rings movie. Monterey is a beautiful coastal city with beaches, sea kayaking, snorkeling and diving opportunities. For those who are indoors but love the ocean, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the place for you. Don’t forget the sea otter exhibition!

More than 3 hours away

Perhaps it’s your summer vacation and you want to take your kids on an adventure. Pack your car and spend these two vacations with binoculars and hiking boots.

Big Sur State Park

Big Sur State Park is a beautiful area with tide pools, hiking and bird watching opportunities. It’s a pretty wild area, so there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. Hiking and camping on the coastal Redwoods, flying kites on the beach and enjoying the majesty of Faifer Falls.

Mono Lake

Another great California vacation option is Mono Lake. Mono Lake is an inland lake east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The lake is becoming more and more salty as it is the final destination of the Owens River. Lakes contain more than twice as much salt as the ocean, so no fish species can survive in the water. However, the lake is full of brine shrimp, making it a paradise for birds and other hungry wildlife. Take your binoculars and explore the Mono Lake area.

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