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On March 17, the Elk Grove Planning Commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit and design changes for a rehabilitation facility and medical services on the northeast corner of Lotz and Whitelock Highways.

This specialized nursing facility will provide inpatient services for patients who need short-term medical care.

The project, which is located on a 15-hectare site, was originally approved by the commission in 2020.

The commission also approved at that time the subdivision of the 15-hectare plot into three plots, including a 6.1-hectare plot for the development of the specialist nursing facility. The remaining parts of that site are intended for future development.

The commission approved the reduction of this facility of medical services from 120 to 60 beds, and the reduction of the size of the structure from 71,130 square meters to 59,730 square meters.

Initially, the project was planned to be a two-story facility. However, the approved and revised version is a single-storey project with two patient wings that will be joined by a central main building. There will be 30 private rooms in each wing of the patient.

Joseph Daguman, Elk Grove City Planning Assistant, told the commission that the applicant had re-evaluated the project “as a result of the pandemic”.

“It has been (re) evaluated in scope and size,” he said. “.

The staff report on this agenda item stated that the changes will allow the applicant to “meet the anticipated demands while continuing to provide housing and care services to people with disabilities”.

A patient’s typical stay will usually be less than three weeks, and some patients may require additional rehabilitation time. This care center will have about 40 employees per shift and three rotating shifts per day.

The plot will include 139 parking spaces, of which 53% of that parking area will be shaded.

There will be between four and six small trucks a day to this property for off-site laundry and sterile processing services.

The ambulance service will be used to transport those who will be embarked at this facility. Those trips will be almost entirely of the non-emergency variety, and ambulances will not use lights or sirens.

According to the presentation of the project to the commission, the applicant pointed out that, on average, the facility will have to make one call a month for the ambulance service for an emergency.

The staff report notes that municipal staff has determined that project modifications will have minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

Commission President George Murphey referred to the applicant’s request to reduce the size of the project as unusual.

“We don’t usually see things shrink in size,” he said.

Prior to approving the applicant’s requests, Commissioner Suman Singha referred to those requests as “simple”.

“It’s a simple project in reducing the size of the building and the number of patients,” he said.

EG Planning Commission approves skilled nursing facility project | News Source link EG Planning Commission approves skilled nursing facility project | News

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