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On March 23, Elk Grove City Council unanimously selected a new county map for all four county districts.

This map is based on population totals from the 2020 U.S. Census data for Elk Grove. With population changes from 2010 to 2020, redistricting restores population equality for each district. The redesigned county districts will be in effect until the 2030 census data is released.

Federal laws also require the redistribution of districts to comply with the Federal Voting Rights Act, as a district does not prohibit the ability of a projected class population to choose its preferred candidate. It is also required by federal law that redistricting will not result in any racial jerrymandering.

The redistricting project began in January, and for that project, the city contracted with the National Demographics Corporation (NDC), which provided professional demographic services in examining the proposed maps.

In making its decision on March 23, the council reviewed several potential maps before deciding on “Map 11”.

The timing of the selection of that map is significant, given that two elections to the City Council will be held this November. The final redistricting map will be returned to the council for adoption on April 13th.

According to the selected map, the new District 1 is located between Laguna and Elk Grove Boulevards, Interstate 5 and Laguna Springs Drive. The current representative of that district is Deputy Mayor Darren Suen, whose term continues until December 2024.

The only change in Suen County is an extension in size from Bruceville Road to Laguna Springs Drive.

Adjacent to the new District 2 are Elk Grove-Florin, Elk Grove Boulevard, Whitelock Parkway and Grant Line, Calvine and Bruceville.

The new map shows a current portion of District 4 within the boundaries of the new District 2. This area is bounded by Whitelock Parkway, Kammerer and Bruceville and Highway 99.

District 2 is currently represented by Council member Pat Hume, who is running for the District 5 seat of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in this June’s primary race.

In the newly selected Map 11, the boundaries of District 3 remain the same as the current map, which is based on the 2010 census. -Florin Road.

The term of office of District 3 Representative Kevin Spease Council member continues until December 2024.

The county has selected new District 4 boundaries such as Elk Grove Boulevard, Bilby Road, Highway 99 and a portion of Bruceville Road. This district continues south into the Franklin Boulevard area.

In the process of redistributing districts, District 4 lost its section of land bounded by Whitelock Parkway, Kammerer and Bruceville and 99.

Councilor Stephanie Nguyen represents District 4, but will not run for re-election as a board member this November. Instead, he will run for the newly formed District 10 seat of the Assembly in this June’s primary election.

NDC consultant Doug Yoakam spoke about the current District 4, noting that it is overcrowded. He added that the other districts are sparsely populated.

Yoakam referred to Map 11 as a “very elegant-looking map.”

“(That map) keeps those communities (of interest) together and solves the population problems that exist in the current districts,” he said. “And even more elegantly takes care of the population problem with a deviation slightly below 4%.”

Nguyen was the first board member to identify Map 11 as his favorite map.

“I feel like (that map) is the best representation of our city,” he said. “That keeps most of us together,” he said.

Suen referred to Map 11 as the one that offers the least amount of interruptions to city residents.

“(That map) continues to keep Elk Grove an entire community,” he said.

Singh-Allen also shared his support for the new map.

“It’s not the best map or the most perfect map, but this is the best map we have that we can vote for tonight,” he said.

EG City Council selects final map for council districts | News Source link EG City Council selects final map for council districts | News

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