Early brain cancer detection breakthrough

Credits: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Early detection of brain tumors is one step closer with breakthroughs made by cancer diagnostics firm and Dxcover, a spin-out firm at the University of Strathclyde.

The company has an innovative inspection technology, Dxcover Liquid Biopsy. cancer Growth in smaller quantities and lower stages.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are 12,000 people in the UK brain There is a tumor every year, and the survival rate 5 years after diagnosis is as low as 12%.

Early detection of small tumors reduces the harm caused by surgery and other treatments and allows people to live longer and better.This study diagnoses Dxcover by detecting very small tumors. test It can have a significant impact on reducing the time between onset of symptoms and diagnosis of a patient, helping primary care physicians make decisions.

The study was published in the journal cancer..

Dr. Matt Baker, Chief Technology Officer The co-founder of Dxcover Limited said: Care for future brain tumor patients, increased treatment options, and potentially extended life expectancy.

“Such clinical trials are an important part of Dxcover’s journey to develop and commercialize a widely accepted multi-cancer early detection platform to save lives.”

The journal has confirmed that the Dxcover brain tumor test is effective in identifying small and low-grade gliomas. The study enrolled 177 patients with brain tumors of various sizes. Blood sample For analysis by Dxcover.

The samples were spectroscopically analyzed under infrared light and processed using machine learning software. This test and analysis proved to be effective in identifying brain tumors in patients with gliomas as large as 0.2 cm.3..

Dxcover Limited develops spectroscopy and artificial intelligence technology as a Multi Cancer Early Detection (MCED) platform to raise £ 5.1 million to quickly and accurately diagnose brain and other cancers from simple blood tests Did.

Dxcover’s highly effective early diagnostic tests can revolutionize the detection of cancer and save the lives of patients who can be treated more effectively in the early stages of cancer.

The latest breakthrough is consistent with the company’s announcement that it has completely acquired everything. intellectual property Multi-Cancer Early Detection Platform (IP) rights under contract with Strathclyde. The IP agreement means that Dxcover owns all patents on the MCED technology platform and does not have to pay royalties.

Dr. Mark Hegarty, CEO and co-founder of Dxcover, said: Develop tests for all types of cancer.

A simple urine test may help early detection of brain tumors

For more information:
Ashton G. Theakstone et al, Rapid spectroscopic liquid biopsy for universal detection of brain tumors, cancer (2021). DOI: 10.3390 / cancers13153851

Quote: The breakthrough for early brain tumor detection (August 10, 2021) was obtained from on August 10, 2021.

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Early brain cancer detection breakthrough Source link Early brain cancer detection breakthrough

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