Dune ending explained, and how the movie sets up a spicy sequel

The dunes are ambitious, ambiguous and need a decent ending.

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This is the main thing you need to know about the ending of the new movie Dune: There isn’t one.The 2021 adaptation of the classic Frank Herbert science fiction novel is actually Dune Part 1So it goes through in the middle of Herbert’s book, and then it just … stops.

OK, so it’s a little more complicated. CNET Reviewer Richard Nightwell said Dune Is “The Movie Sci-Fi Tour de Force, a star-studded but very strange fantasy epic”, so let’s take a closer look at what’s happening at the climax. Dennis VilleneuveStar-studded Dune adaptation and how it sets up the planned sequel. Spoilers on your way like an angry worm exploding from the sand …

The film has been shown in Europe and Asia for several weeks after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Dune Part 1 is currently being screened in a US theater, HBO Max In this epic and epic sci-fi story, Duke Let Atreides and his aristocratic family are clogged with sand just to help former resident Harkonen regain his most important spice mining work. Land in the world of Arakis. It’s very close to the end of the Atreides clan, but it’s also a big step towards the greater fate of Paul, the descendant of Leto’s sharp cheekbones.

Paul, played by Timothée Chalamet with all his soul, saw his vision in the desert of Arakis and met a mysterious stranger who looked a lot like Spider-Man, Euphoria star Zendaya. At the end of the film, Paul escapes into the desert with his magically bizarre mother, Mrs. Jessica, and the film ends with a Cliffhanger ready for Dune Part 2. Frank Herbert’s original 1965 novel It’s pretty neatly divided into two sections, and movie studio Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed the sequel yet, but Billneuve wants to cover the second half of the book later.

The version of Villeneuve is not exactly the same as the book. For example, he cut the malicious Harkonen character fade that Sting impressed in David Lynch’s 1984 movie version. Lynch’s bizarre and very enthusiastic film tells the whole story of the book, but not as deep as this new 2021 edition.

Lady Jessica and Paul (far left and far right) join forces with Chani and Stillger at the climax of Dune Part 1.

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At the end of the 2021 movie, Leto was left behind. If you’ve ever wanted to see Oscar Isaac as a bare, stiff board, you’re in luck. Leto is paralyzed thanks to the betrayal of Paul’s teacher, Dr. Yue, played by Chang Chen. Yue’s reward is to be killed by Baron Benal Harkonen. That is, he is not alive to see Leto take advantage of the poisonous gas capsule that the traitor slipped into his teeth.Out of breath, played by Harconen’s adviser Pitter de Vries Suicide squad‘NS David Dastmalchian, But the Devil Baron uses his shield to zoom to the ceiling. Bathed in sticky black oil, the Baron played by Stellan Skarsgard lives to plan his next move.

Meanwhile, among the victims of Atreides is Duncan Aidaho, Paul’s friend and mentor, who behaves stubbornly. Duncan, played by Aquaman star Jason Momoa, will fight a ferocious Sardauker squad supplied by duplicate emperors-why Jessica couldn’t speak to the attackers. It’s not entirely clear, but I closed the heavy door and ran away. In any case, Paul’s other teacher, Gurney Halleck, hasn’t been killed on the screen, but Duncan has clearly not appeared in the sequel. After reading this book, you’ll find that Josh Brolin has a clear path back to the proposed sequel.

As for Paul and Jessica, their narrow escape brings them into the sand hands of the desert people of Arakis, Flehmen.Javier Bardem’s leader, Stillger, has roots Star Trek: A strange new world Star Babs Orsan Mokun. Jamis does not believe that newcomers can survive the harsh conditions of the desert, choosing a deadly battle known in the book as the Tahadi Challenge and burning with a grudge against outsiders. I am.

Zendaya is Timothée Chalamet’s dream girl in the dunes.

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It is here that Paul sees his vision begin to come true. First he meets his dream girl, Chani (Zendaya, finally). Then, like his dream, she gives him a Chris knife, a ritual flehmen blade made from sandworm teeth. Paul takes the place of Jessica’s champion and eventually kills Jamis with a knife given by Chani.

This is the first time Paul has killed someone, but it is unlikely to be the last because Harkonen is still around. The battle wins Paul and Jessica’s acceptance into Stillger’s hideout known as Sietch. They are heading there as the credits roll and Paul stares at Chani’s glowing blue eyes. Zendaya was only on the set for four days, but if you’re wondering why she’s barely in, did you say there should be a sequel?

Given that this is a story about a galactic emperor, a spaceship, and a space witch planning across space-time, the movie seems to be building something more exciting than a knife battle in a cave. It looked like. Birneuve deserves recognition because ending the story with an intimate emotional moment is a clever destruction of the usual blockbuster space combat. But when the movie was very free-form, it was more satisfying to see at least some resolution.

But if you read the book, you will still know that many great revelations will come. Is Paul really the savior of the Muadib, Kwisatsha delac, the dune universe? What is the meaning of Paul’s vision with glowing blue eyes? Will he return to his rain-soaked home planet, Karadan? Will he defeat Baron Harkonen and face the Galactic Emperor who plots to drive this death and destruction?

Only time and box office revenue in Dune Part 1 will tell you. If Dune hits the theater or HBO Max, Warner Bros. hopes to give Birneuve a go-ahead to shoot the sequel next year or so.

Dune ending explained, and how the movie sets up a spicy sequel Source link Dune ending explained, and how the movie sets up a spicy sequel

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