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The day after 19-year-old Trevor Zegras made his NHL debut with ducks, 40-year-old goalkeeper Ryan Miller remembered his first match between Buffalo Sabers, Martin Brodure and Devil’s on November 19, 2002. In East Rutherford, NJ.

“I remember the flight from Buffalo to New Jersey was really rocky,” Miller said. “I don’t think it was necessary to stop the landing altogether, but I had to pull a little and go around because I was descending. I felt like I was in Top Gun. We banked really hard and went around and put it down. ”

When it comes to the game, Miller remembered that he played well in the first place, and the Sabers led with two goals. Or was it three? Sabers will lose 4-3 overtime after making 21 saves as a 21-year-old former Michigan State University.

“In the face of Marty Brodure and the pretty talented Devil’s team, I think it all caught up with me,” Miller said of the New Jersey team, which continued to beat the ducks in the seven-game Stanley Cup Finals. .. “I was pretty excited. It all happened pretty fast. My family couldn’t get to it. It was on the road. But I went home and played Columbus and I was able to win.

“The first week was pretty cool.”

After all these years, Miller is still trying to stop the next shot and win the next game, and Zegras is only 20 months old when the Sabers-Devils game is played right next to the New Jersey Turnpike exit 16W. I’m laughing at the fact that it was.

Miller’s next match is the 785th of his Hall of Fame career and could happen on Wednesday when a duck faces the Arizona Coyote at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona. His next victory is his 389th and connects him with Dominik Hasek in 14th place, the most in NHL history.

In the history of the league, there are only 13 goalkeepers with more than 400 wins.

“I didn’t really know what they were until people started mentioning them to me,” Miller caught his predecessor Hasek in Buffalo and probably won his 400th place. said. “Compared to Dominik Hasek, I always tried to distinguish myself, separate myself, and become my own goalkeeper.

“By the time I got to Buffalo, he died in about a year or a year and a half. His shadow was still there, so I was always trying to be the best goalkeeper I could. It’s still the same situation, so I’m never aiming for Hasek. The guy has about 10 trophies that I don’t have.

“It’s not about that. How well Ryan Miller can do it? Can he help the team he’s playing? I’m trying to do everything I can. I’ll decide for myself. Did you go out and do as much as you could? I feel like I’ve represented my career well and I want to continue.

“Continuing to play as a gray veteran gave me this position.”

ROWNEY update

Dallas Ekins said there was no up-to-date information on the condition or condition of Carter Rowney, who apparently suffered a leg injury during the second phase of Monday. Roney was injured while delivering a check to Jacob Chikran in Arizona along the board and needed help to leave the ice.

Ducks goaltender Ryan Miller focused on more than milestones – Daily News Source link Ducks goaltender Ryan Miller focused on more than milestones – Daily News

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