Driver killed in crash into tree

San Diego — A driver was killed when he hit a tree in Miramesa early Thursday, closing some of the busy streets in the area, police said.

The crash occurred at about 5:40 am near the intersection of Miramesa Bourbird and Camino Luis in a busy area near Miramesa High School and a large shopping center. According to a police spokesperson, rescue workers tried to save the driver but were sentenced to death at the scene.

Miramesa Boulevard was closed between the high school and Montongo Street and Reagan Road, just west of the crash site. Traffic in the area is diverting to Parkdale Avenue, and police said the closure could continue “for the next few hours” shortly before 7am.

SkyFOX video showed that a vehicle that looks like a silver SUV or crossover sits in the median and looks like it hits a tree head-on. The cause of the driver’s loss of control was not immediately apparent, and details about the victim were not initially announced.

Traffic inspectors were investigating the collision.

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Driver killed in crash into tree Source link Driver killed in crash into tree

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