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Nintendo doesn’t seem to be able to Letting go of a franchise decades ago is because we don’t want to stop reinventing the franchise. However, Metroid: Dread The company admits that sometimes it’s really better not to spoil the good. The traditional approach to the game may not be able to advance the genre like the prominent ones these days, but it’s a good time to play.

First new “main line” Metroid Games that will come out in more than 10 years, Fear Is a direct sequel to fusion, I’ll omit you a summary of the plot — like Mario When Zelda In games, stories are secondary to momentary experiences. However, the galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran was left behind on the alien planet ZDR sent for research and is now a mysterious “physical” who cannot use all the abilities we know. It is enough to say that you are suffering from “memory loss”.

As far as I’m allowed to say within Nintendo’s review guidelines, the following are very Metroid-The eccentric tunnels crawl through artificial and natural environments, collecting new weapons and abilities, unleashing new paths and generally infusing new power and self-confidence. In other words, it hasn’t changed much since 1986.

Smooth 60

The first thing to say about Dread is that Samus’s controls and gameplay feel are wonderfully fluid and responsive. This was a big worry for me as the feel of the protagonist is one of the most important parts of such a game.of Hollow Night, Your character feels crisp and accurate.of Blasphemous, He is intentional and heavy.As a newcomer Door of death, Can be operated smoothly.of Metroid: Dread, Samus feel fast When Agile..

Image credit: Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

With a stable 60FPS and basic movement speed that feels like a sprint rather than the soothing jogging that Samus sometimes used, in this game you’re both a hunter and a hunt, intended to move fast and react quickly. It’s clear that you’re doing it. All actions are fast and at your fingertips, and the game seems to want you to pick up enemies at speed and play while running, rather than hanging around safely. You feel reasonably powerful, but your agility is your best asset.

It’s especially Dread A signature area where an invincible hunter killer robot known as EMMI roams, listens to Samus’s steps, and eagerly tracks if Samus’s presence is detected. EMMI, which can scale walls at high speed and crawl in crawl space, alienAs with any heterogeneous form of, and one of them, unless you can pull out the counter at a very precise timing, if it catches you, it’s all over.

Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

Image credit: Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

Let’s be very clear about this: you will die in Metroid: Dread, And you will die a lot. Perhaps half the time is EMMI, climbing from the shoot in front of you, snatching when you panic, and cornered when trying to find a safe hiding place. The rest of the time will probably be as you learn the relentless patterns of the various bosses. With one or two energy tanks, the world doesn’t look too threatening, but when you enter one of these special EMMI zone doors (and thank God for saving you by doing so), the stress level Soars. Even the cloaking ability gained on the short journey to the game is surprisingly limited in that it interferes with capture. And, paradoxically, your only surefire way to defeat them requires you to be in your position, which is even worse than running away!

In most cases, the game is tough but fair — it doesn’t seem to present many challenges for more masochistic class gamers who do no-hitters and no-runs. Demon’s Soul, But it offers a consistent level of danger that you will always feel at ease to reach the storage room. I’ve played to the end of the game and there are certainly some difficulty spikes and some cheerfully difficult counter timings, but generally after a few trials what the game does to you You will understand what you need. Or you will be lucky.

The pause screen does nothing but check the map or double-check the new item in the tutorial. There is no inventory or loadout, and all actions are available with a combination of buttons. This can be a little tricky. .. Hold down the left bumper and aim freely, press the right trigger to activate the grapple, press the left stick to aim, jump with B, then press Y if possible.

Samus Saga

Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

Image credit: Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned earlier, the story is not really the point Metroid Games, it’s worth it, and events Fear Provides interesting beats and revelations in the ongoing story. It is forbidden to talk about it beyond the first few areas, but in comparison to my personal favorites I can say that, Hollow Night, There is not much emotional investment. In that game, the combination of visual storytelling and music was amazing, and I felt that the place I visited was tragic in the story.of Fear, They feel like a video game level — certainly have different sensations and themes, but not an inefficient type result It’s especially part of the game’s vocabulary Dark soul..

The advantage is that level designers design these places very well. In fact, the concentrated looping method of the first few areas makes them almost perfectly straight, but feels like they’re orbiting the nose. I think “Oh”. “I remember seeing the door. I couldn’t open it before … I’ll be back there.” I didn’t realize it was literally yours. can go. Fortunately, the upgrades and weapons you get to your suit usually feel as a result outside acting as the key to opening a particular door.

Certainly there are some points where things are open, but this is a very ZDR guided tour. In some cases, you may feel that the restrictions are tight and rationalized. Yes, there are backtracks, but many are circumvented by suspiciously conveniently placed teleporters, who tend to move exactly where they need to go next. It takes a lot of guesswork from the game, but this is a blessing. I’ve been confused many times in Metroidvania, but understanding what to do next is part of the challenge.

Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

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But the map is very nice and informative without much revealing, and as you blow up the landscape trying to find a secret passage to the missile tank, the “something is around here” flash pits every journey. Fill with a stop. Being able to see all the doors and items of a particular type also saves time.

And here is the body of water

It’s nice to feel like you’re in a cohesive world, and something Fear I haven’t really achieved it. The different areas you visit all have different look and feels, but they don’t really fit at all. You board a train or elevator and you are in a whole new zone with no overlaps or secret passages between them.of Super metroidFor example, there is a rock face with a secret base embedded in it, and a wrecked ship collides with a large oceanic zone above a fiery core and logically passes through them.of Fear, Rocks, jungle areas, hot areas, etc., but I don’t feel any connection.

Although it may lack that search je ne sais quoi, The areas themselves are beautiful and fun to move around, and you visit them repeatedly to unlock all-new sections you didn’t know existed. They also change over time as the plot and your abilities evolve, and you may find these changes clever and overly restrictive.

Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

Image credit: Screenshot of Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch.

My trip on the dreads lasted a little over eight hours, until I met my last boss (I haven’t won yet, isn’t it difficult?), But to be honest, even though I went in a hurry, that I felt much longer than. ..And of course like everything Metroid The game can be played many times with accumulated expertise.If you have a very different New Game Plus mode, I haven’t heard about it and, from what I can say, I don’t have much opportunity to sequence break-a major hobby Metroid Fandom means the ability to skip bosses or work on areas in a different order. But I’m probably wrong.

Metroid: Dread teeth Metroid The game is exhaustive and may not be as big as some of the games that have occupied its mantle in recent years, but it’s complemented by an incredibly fluid gameplay system and propulsion. I think I didn’t have time even if the review deadline wasn’t approaching, but I always wanted to keep playing, so I had to peel myself off every night. This is the game you want to play, but it treats your time with minimal padding and constant progress. It’s not an epic, but not all games need to be worth your time and money.

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