Dozens of employees fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine file lawsuit against Rady Children’s Hospital

More than three dozen nurses and other employees at Lady Children’s Hospital in San Diego have sued the medical center for being unfairly dismissed for refusing to vaccinate COVID-19.

Plaintiffs, who filed a proceeding with the San Diego High Court at the end of last month, violated religious freedom, among other allegations, by announcing a complete termination rather than carefully considering the application for a religious exemption. He accused Lady Children’s Hospital of doing so.

“A total denial of these employees cannot address decisions about the integrity of their religious beliefs and cannot show undue difficulty in giving reasons for refusing detention.” Legal complaints are stated.

“A total refusal of all employees requesting a tax exemption proves that they have deliberately ignored the request and clearly constitutes (a) an infringement of the rights of these employees under state law.” I’m adding.

Plaintiffs are a group of 37 ex-employees who were all dismissed after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine provided and do not seek to return to their jobs. Instead, the proceedings seek lost wages and benefits, and punitive damages.

These costs can reach millions of dollars.

Rady officials said Friday that they have a responsibility to protect patients, staff and others as much as possible.

“Lady Children care for vulnerable patient populations, many of whom have no vaccination options,” the nonprofit hospital said in a statement. “We believe it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to best protect the safety and well-being of the patients we serve.”

Hospital officials usually said they would refrain from public comments on the proceedings, but the proceedings raised an exception to that policy.

“It is Radiy Children’s policy not to comment on pending legal issues, but we are confident in supporting the decision regarding unvaccinated staff,” Rady added.

State and federal public health officials have called on people to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus, which has killed about 800,000 Americans since March 2020 and continues to infect tens of thousands of people every day. rice field.

Many employers require workers to be vaccinated — especially healthcare workers and others who work in a collective living environment. Many obligations include some allowances for religious and other limited exemptions.

Complaints filed by former Lady employees have accused the hospital of not summarizing the plaintiffs who say they oppose the vaccine for religious reasons.

“The integrity of an employee’s expressed religious beliefs is usually undisputed, generally presumed or easily established,” the proceedings said. “Employers should not, and should not, do business in determining whether a person has a religious belief for” appropriate “reasons.

“In fact, the law protects religious beliefs that are held in good faith, even if members of the same religious group, denomination, or part of the denomination do not agree with the beliefs supported by the individual.” Says.

Vaccine mandates have become political in recent months, with some companies and organizations claiming to immunize employees and allowing others to undergo regular COVID testing instead. doing.

Last week, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and the City Council approved the duties of all city officials, even if the Police Officers Association and others disagreed with the idea. Approximately 700 (37%) of the city’s 1,900 sworn officers were not vaccinated after the city’s deadline. Among them, about 470 officers demanded tax exemption.

“The way out of this pandemic is by vaccines, and cities should set an example and take the lead,” Gloria said.

Complaints from former Lady Children employees were assigned to Judge Ronald Frazier. The hearing is scheduled for May 2022.

Dozens of employees fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine file lawsuit against Rady Children’s Hospital Source link Dozens of employees fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine file lawsuit against Rady Children’s Hospital

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