Double Homicide Brings Oakland’s Count to 102 For the Year; Prayer Vigil Marks Milestone

Auckland community members gathered at a prayer rally last Sunday to commemorate the city’s 100th murder. Hours earlier, the number increased to 102 with the deadly shootings of two more young men.

With just over three months remaining this year, Oakland is moving at a pace of recording about 20% more homicides than in 2020, and last year has already shown an increase over the previous year.

The two men killed on Sunday morning were shot dead at 3700 blocks on High Street at around 1:55 pm, but their names have not yet been announced. KRON4 report.. Their age: 21 and 26 years old. Police continue to investigate the motivation for the shooting and they have not yet found the suspect.

A prayer rally at Moswood Park on Sunday was previously planned by the Bay Area Community Benefits Organization, a coalition of churches hosting similar events throughout the year. NS KTVU ReportThe rally was aimed at demonstrating the harsh milestone of killing 100 people in the city. As of last monday..

“When we started this, we killed 22 people in Auckland, and it was devastating to us, and now here we are about 7 or 8 months later, and we Is killing more than 100 people now, “said LJ Jennings of the Bay Area Community Benefits, an organization by KTVU.

Acts Full Gospel Church’s Bob Jackson told Governor Gavin Newsom at the event, “Who will help us? Governor Newsom is watching TV or will not come to Auckland to help. I need help. “

In Auckland, 109 homicides occurred in 2020, up from 74 in 2019 and 67 in 2018. In other words, this year’s total is almost guaranteed to be twice the number of murders three years ago.

Auckland police chief LeRonne Armstrong called this trend “unbearable” after a shootout between Auckland police officers and suspects injured last week. His comments also closed the week when the city saw 10 new murders.

“This is a calm reminder of how dangerous the city of Auckland is,” Armstrong said at a news conference. “How armed suspects quickly use these firearms at police officers, as seen in many other cases. 100 murders in our city. Three times last night alone. Shooting. The level of violence in this city remains intolerable. “

Armstrong was critical of the city council’s efforts to keep funding and executives away from the sector this year.

“We can speak out about certain things. I don’t understand why this community can’t speak out about the loss of 100 lives,” Armstrong said last week. Every KPIX.. “The police can scream and scream wrong, but this time we can’t talk about what bothers us all, and that’s gun violence.”

Double Homicide Brings Oakland’s Count to 102 For the Year; Prayer Vigil Marks Milestone Source link Double Homicide Brings Oakland’s Count to 102 For the Year; Prayer Vigil Marks Milestone

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