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Dons set a perfect 5-0 record in the Coliseum League and won the top seed in the Division I City Section Playoffs (Photo E. Messiah McGinnis / LA Sentinel).

In an exclusive interview with LA Sentinel staff writer E. Messiah McGuinnis, Dorsey High School head coach Staphon Johnson evaluated his first year as a high school legend and future star of the USC. I returned to my school.

E. Mesiyah McGinnis LAS: How do you access the first season with the exact same school head coach who helped you become a high school legend?

Photo above – # 13 Stafon Johnson starred in Dorsey as a running back and safety. Photo below – USC running back Staphon Johnson celebrates the 2008 Rose Bowl victory for Trojan horses in Pasadena, California. (Photo courtesy)

Director Staphon Johnson: As a young head coach, I was trying to get players to embrace Dorsey’s system and traditions, as I did when I played here. Work ethic that makes them champions in football fields, classrooms, and life.

We started with 5 players in June. Most players have never played soccer, especially at a high level, but they just wanted to teach them soccer, knowing that life lessons would take place.

The Dorsedons soccer team set a total record of 10-3 this season (E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel).

So it was difficult to make a roster of 55 teams from 5 players as we taught these young men much more than football. Where they came from and what they are doing now is a great experience to be part of.

Overwhelming support from the overflowing love, the LA city center community, DDP (Dorsey Don Posse) parents, families and alum supports children who are accustomed to failure and accustomed to no one coming. It was important above. To see them play, but now this community is emerging and experiencing telling these young people that they are important!

Dorsey Football Head Coach Staphon Johnson (E. Messiah McGinnis / LA Sentinel)

My coach staff … We can’t compete in the 10-3 season and the semifinals without you. We made a commitment and taught this team how to play. We guided these young men, showed them love, showed them how to enjoy playing football, and felt the love of football like us.

I’ve grown up! I grew up, the kids grew up! We would also like to thank Pep Squad, Cheerleader, Band, Field Assistant, Trainer, Dorsey Administration, Teacher, Staff, Groundsman, and Black Coach, a great live announcer. You have had a great influence.

According to Johnson, Dorsey’s coach is not only a soccer coach, but also teaching life lessons. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel))

I have used a lot of experience to help me throughout the year and harness the knowledge and high level of competitiveness I learned from former USC coach Pete Carroll, who brought that strength every day. And I’m doing my best to imitate the coolness of former Dorsey coach Paul Knox. Paul Knox has never seen him restless, even under extreme pressure and heat.

I’m doing my best to do that, but see these! It’s a joke, but it was great to play with these officials. They care for the kids and literally teach them in the field, and I really appreciate them.

Don of Dorsey High School once again won at his neighborhood rival, E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel, at the Clenshire Memorial Stadium in southern Los Angeles.

This year’s biggest test was down 21 points, but he won a double extra time in the quarterfinals of Cleveland High School. Look at god! I needed it to overcome the many adversities these kids fight and experience fierce defeats and victories, but in the end, it’s just a game and I understand that life goes on.

We would like to thank the high level competition between the teams and coaches we played against. Together, we taught these young men to compete, but win or lose, shake hands and respect each other.

Dorsedons congratulates Kanoga Hunter for his participation in the City Finals. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel)

My parents have supported me since I was in Pop Warner. Thank you mom for returning to team mom mode and just becoming a support anchor. And to my dad, who has always been a major supporter, my family, and loyal friends who have supported this team throughout the season.

For my players, I saw you become a true team. I love you. It should be added that there were no ineligible players, with 5 4.0 GPA students and 8 D1 College offers. This achievement by a group of children who do not combine 1-star ratings in pre-season rankings by scouts and analysts across the country.

The future of Dorsey High Soccer is very bright. – Director Staphon Johnson

Dorsedons finished the season with an impressive 10-3 record, but no ineligible player. Five students on the team had a 4.0 GPA and the team was 100% vaccinated. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel)

Additional photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel

Dorseedon cheerleaders, Pep Squads and the band supported the team and inspired the crowd with enthusiasm and high lever performance. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis / LA Sentinel)

Dorsey High Loses in Semi-finals, Wins the Season – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Dorsey High Loses in Semi-finals, Wins the Season – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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