Don’t let jet lag drag you down

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If you are planning a trip this summer – whether for work or play – don’t let jet lag get in your way.

Jet lag, also known as jet lag disorder, is a temporary sleep disorder that can affect anyone who travels a lot. time zones.

Sleep provides the foundation for all daily habits and decisions. Getting enough quality rest each night is essential for good health. But a change of time — even an hour — can be detrimental to your sleep.

Your body has its own internal clock that indicates when you will be awake and when you are asleep. Jet lag occurs because your body clock is still synchronized with the original time zone instead of going to the time zone you traveled. The more times that pass, the more likely you are to experience a lag jet.

Jet damage can cause fatigue during the day, discomfort, difficulty staying awake and stomach problems. While temporary, jet lag can shorten your vacation or make your business trip more enjoyable. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent or reduce jet lag.

Sunlight is the most powerful natural tool to reset your internal clock and control it sleep cycle. Safiya illuminate the light it can help you adjust to the previous time zone (travel to the east), while the evening light helps you adjust to the next time zone (travel to the west).

Prepare ahead to determine the best times to illuminate based on your wake-up and destination, as well as overall sleep patterns:

  • Before your trip: You can start enjoying the light up to three days before the trip to help you adjust to your new time zone before arriving where you are. If you are traveling east, try waking up about an hour before the waking time and getting at least an hour of light. Do this every day until you get up for your trip, waking up an hour before each day. You should also adjust your bedtime to one hour before each night if possible. For the evening walkdelayed awakening and sleep time.
  • Where to go: If you travel east and cross three to five times, try to avoid sunlight the first thing in the morning. Try to get several hours of bright light in the middle of coming in the morning. If you are crossing additional time zones or traveling west, avoid it bright light in the morning I come, but look for the sun in the morning. During the day, dark glasses can help block light when you need to avoid exposure. At night, draw a blind window or curtain or use a sleep mask. For each day on your trip, slowly change your backlight.

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