Donald Trump leaves White House for last time as president on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day

West Palm Beach, Florida-President Donald Trump said goodbye to Washington on Wednesday, but also hinted at a comeback despite the legacy of the country’s turmoil, turmoil, and bitter division he led for four years.

“Goodbye, we love you,” Trump told supporters of Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where he boarded Air Force One across the red carpet and headed for Florida. “We will be back in some way.”

Trump resigned after the only president impeached twice, leaving millions more unemployed than when he swore to the coronavirus and killed 400,000. Under his supervision, the Republicans lost both the presidential and parliamentary meeting rooms. He remembers forever by inciting a riot by terrorizing the country, leaving five dead, including a police officer in the Capitol, two weeks before Democrat Joe Biden moved to the White House. Will remain in. It was at the inauguration of Trump on January 20, 2017 that he painted the tragic picture of the “American Massacre.”

Trump, the first president in modern history to boycott his successor inauguration, still boiled down his defeat, claiming that Biden’s winning elections were stolen from him. A wide range of judges, including Republican officials in some important states, members of his own administration, and those appointed by Trump, rejected those discussions.

Trump refused to participate in any of the iconic torch transit traditions surrounding the change of power. This includes inviting Joe and Jill Biden to the White House to get to know them.

He followed at least one tradition: The White House said Trump left a note on Biden. Judd Deere, a Trump spokesman, did not mention what Trump wrote in his notes or what characterizes his emotions because of the privacy of communication between presidents.

Members of the Trump family gathered to see him off at the military base with supporters of the president who said, “We love you!” “Thank you, Trump” and “USA” four Army cannons fired 21 gun salutes.

Speaking without notes, Mr. Trump said his presidency was “an incredible four years.” He told the crowd that he and the first lady Melania Trump loved them and praised their efforts, saying that their families might have chosen to live a more comfortable life.

“It was very special. We did a lot,” said Trump, who set up a conservative judge, created a space force, developed a coronavirus vaccine, and before a solid pandemic. Cited economic management of. “I hope they don’t raise your taxes, but if they do, I told you so,” he said of the upcoming Biden administration.

He admitted that he was not a “normal administration” and told his supporters that he would somehow return. He said the Trump campaign worked very hard: “We left it all on the field,” he said.

Mr. Trump wished for the good luck and success of the new administration, not to mention Mr. Biden’s name. He said it would be easier because he laid the “foundation”.

“I always fight for you,” he told the crowd. “I’m watching. I’m listening.”

Before arriving at the airport, Mr. Trump told White House South Lawn reporters that being president was an honor of his life.

“We love Americans, and it was also very special,” he said of the sound of the Marine One helicopter. “And I just want to say goodbye, but I hope it’s not a long-term goodbye. We meet each other again.”

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump landed in Florida more than an hour before Biden became the 46th President of the United States. The Air Force One flew low along the Florida coast as Biden’s inauguration flashed across the in-flight television. When the plane made a low approach to Palm Beach International Airport while the “Star-Spangled Banner” was being played on speakers, there was a great cheer from the crowd waiting for his arrival.

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Hundreds of supporters lined up his limousine route at Trump’s Marago Club. There was a party atmosphere. Trump and the American flag shook, and many supporters wore red, white, and blue clothes.

Shari Ackerly parked a three-wheeled bike along the road with red, white, and blue stripes and a “Trump-Make America Great.” A Trump Pence campaign sign was placed on the headrest and the Vice President’s name was erased.

Ackerley said he would like to show that he has supported Trump since he nicknamed Senator Ted Cruz “Lin Ted” at the 2016 Republican debate. “He said it as it is,” she said.

In Florida, he will face an uncertain future.

Aide asks Trump to spend his last day in the office to save his legacy by highlighting the achievements of his administration (tax cuts, reduced federal regulation, normalization of Middle Eastern relations). I urged you. However, Trump rejected most and released a video that traveled once to the Texas border and swore to his supporters that “the movement we started is just beginning.” In his last few hours, Trump pardoned more than 140 people, including his former strategist, rap performer, former Congressman, and other allies of him and his family.

Mr. Trump will be in Florida with a small group of former White House aides, as he envisions a political future that is so different from just two weeks ago.

Prior to the January 6 Parliamentary riots, Trump was expected to remain the de facto leader of his party. And when he worked as a kingmaker and pondered the 2024 presidential election, he exercised enormous power. But now he looks more helpless than ever-he was shunned by many in the party, impeached twice, denied Twitter’s loudspeaker he intended to use as a weapon, and was convicted in a Senate trial. If received, he is forbidden to seek a second term.

For now, Trump remains angry and embarrassed and is consumed with anger and complaints. He sank the week after the election deeper and deeper into the world of conspiracy, and those who talked to him continue to believe he won in November. He accused the Republicans of disloyalty and threatened to spend the next few years supporting major challenges to those who felt betrayed, both publicly and privately.

Some people expect him to eventually turn on the Republican Party altogether, perhaps by flirting with a run as a third-party candidate as an act of revenge.

Details: Trump pardons Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne out of the 143 amnesty granted in the last few hours of his presidency

To bend all the turmoil and drama, and the world to his will, Trump ended his term when he started it: mainly alone. The Republican Party he chose was only enough after Trump’s supporters raided the Capitol and searched for lawmakers who refused to support Trump’s unconstitutional efforts to overturn the outcome of democratic elections. It looked like it was there.

White House cleaners worked overnight on Wednesday, but were still going to clean the building as the sun rose and prepare new residents. Most of the walls were stripped to the hooks that once held the photos, and the office lacked the cluttered jewelery that brought them to life.

While Trump left the White House, he continued to take control of the Republican base with the support of millions of loyal voters, and his allies still command the Republican National Committee and many party organizations. ..

The city he leaves will not miss him. Trump rarely left the White House except to visit his own hotel. He and his wife had never had dinner at another local restaurant, never shopped at the store or visited the site. When he left, it was almost always on one of his fortunes: his golf course in Virginia, his golf course in New Jersey, his private club and a golf course near Palm Beach, Florida.

The city overwhelmingly supported Biden, accounting for 93% of the votes cast. Trump won only 5.4% of the votes, or less than 18,600 votes, but not enough to fill the Washington Capitals hockey field.


Associated Press writers Darlene Superville and Debriechman of Washington and Terry Spencer of West Palm Beach, Florida contributed to this report.

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Donald Trump leaves White House for last time as president on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day Source link Donald Trump leaves White House for last time as president on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day

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