Dollar Tree Raises Prices To $1.25. Here’s Why This Is Good News!

The latest developments in Dollar Tree are evolving like a comedy routine in the 1980s …

“As you know, inflation is very high …”

“How high is it?”

“The inflation rate is so high that Dollar Tree is raising the price to $ 1.25!”

Yes, Dollar Tree has announced that it will raise the price of most items in the store from $ 1.00 to $ 1.25.

First the gas price, then the meat price, but now the dollar tree is inflating.

This is a bridge that is too far away! what should I do?

However, Dollar Tree CEO Michael Whitinsky tried to relieve tension by greeting the news when he said: “Removing the $ 1 constraint is a big step for our organization and we are keen on the opportunity to significantly improve the shopper’s experience and unleash the value of our stakeholders.”

Oh, I feel better now.

The company said, “The $ 1.25 price range will ease the rise in historically high commodity costs such as freight and distribution costs and the rise in operating costs such as wages, thereby making Dollar Tree a past gross profit. You can go back to range. “

But don’t bother your heart. I have good news.

Hobnova on Wall Street was overjoyed at the price increase … in fact, they raised their share price by 10% at the time of this writing and are currently trading at around $ 145 per share.

And why would only those who drink fine bourbon and smoke large cigars benefit from the growth of the Dollar Tree?

Well, they don’t. We at Money and Markets do not allow this.we yours Side, not Wall Street!

We recommend purchasing the Dollar Tree. Our super large green zone rating system has performed complex formulas for you, our loyal reader.

The stock price is “bullish”. In short, Dollar Tree’s share price is expected to double the market in the next 12 months.

This is because we consider stocks to have low volatility. This usually means that stocks are better than stocks with high volatility.

So, in the end, that $ 1.00 napkin owner’s price increase will be more than offset by the increase in bank accounts due to the purchase of Dollar Tree shares.

Seems like a pretty deal to me!

what about you?

Dollar Tree Raises Prices To $1.25. Here’s Why This Is Good News! Source link Dollar Tree Raises Prices To $1.25. Here’s Why This Is Good News!

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