Dodger star Corey Seager’s MVP run and other MLB predictions

That recognition Corey seager Rediscovering his preoperative form last year is not entirely accurate.

He was actually better than before.

This makes sense.

Seger was just in his physical prime. He will be 27 when the two All-Stars celebrate his next birthday later this month.

Mookie Betts Maybe the Dodgers face Fernando Tatisjuni As for the face of baseball, Seger will be the MVP of this year’s National League.

Spring training statistics should generally be ignored, but can be beneficial in the case of Seger. Seger hit eight homers Signs in 22 Spring Training Games The power he showed Last year’s shortened 60-game regular season was permanent.

Coach Dave Roberts said he could imagine Seger hitting a long ball as fast as last season and crossing the 40 Homer threshold.

“If you have Corey and talent, you can certainly do anything,” Roberts said. “He knows where the barrel is, so he can slug every part of the field.”

Seger has maintained a positive approach, but Roberts feels he has had a lower average number of pitches per turn at bat last year than in any season of his career.

“I think anyone who intends to hit 40 home runs can run a count and go deeper into the count,” Roberts said. “In my opinion, he did a much better job on it.”

The paradox is that the more successful he is, the less likely he is to stay in the Dodgers after this season. Seger becomes a free agent in winter. The Dodgers know that they have to pay the maximum amount to keep the Seger. How much is the problem?

Another free agent in the same position, Carlos Correa, refused a six-year $ 120 million extension from the Houston Astros. Another future free agent, Francisco Lindau, is reported to have declined a 10-year $ 325 million extension from the New York Mets.

Other forecasts for the next season:

Wild card game

The best team ever You can find yourself in the wild card game.


The Dodgers are a favorite for winning the National League West, but the division championship shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Their depth should help them last longer than the San Diego Padres in the 6-month regular season, especially in the season following the 60-game campaign. But the Dodgers have a problem. Clayton Kershaw is slowing down again. Kenley Jansen isn’t up again. Many starters need to be reassured to adapt to pitching. Cody Bellinger has stopped shoulder surgery.

At Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado, the Padres have two of the league’s most dynamic players. Both were able to ignite and bring the team to the division title, as Manny Ramirez once did the Dodgers.

If the Padres win the West, the Dodgers’ post-season chances go to NLDS, relying on one wildcard game, regardless of the number of wins compiled.

Pitching will continue to be MIA

The story never changes in Anaheim. Angels Faced with the same problems as last year … and the year before … and the year before.

They don’t have pitching.

The illusion of Arte Moreno defeating his opponent didn’t come true as planned last year.Even so, it won’t change this season Shohei Ohtani Justin Upton has rebounded since the down year.A good example: The Dodgers hit 12 home runs Freeway series..

Shohei Ohtani will face Oakland Athletics on March 5th in Mesa, Arizona.

(Mat York / Associated Press)

The Angels predict baseball top 10 salaries to be around $ 180 million, but disproportionate shares have been spent on attacks and forced New General Manager Perry Minassian Rely on a version of the trash diving that even Ned Colletti didn’t get when running Frank McCourt’s Dodgers.

In the days leading up to the opening round, Minassian picked up pitchers that other teams didn’t want and rebuilt the bullpen. He paid Miami Marlins cash for James Hoyt. Resigned Noe Ramirez, who traded earlier this winter. Signed Steve Sisheck and Tony Watson. Ramirez, Cishek, and Watson were released near the end of spring training by Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies, respectively.

Albert Pujols‘The contract cannot expire immediately.

Murakami is amazing

Remember the name Munetaka Murakami.

Yakult Swallows’ 21-year-old corner infielder Murakami could be Japan’s next premium export to the major leagues.

Other than Ichiro, Murakami could one day be Japan’s most productive attack in Major League Baseball, with one scout comparing left-handed batters to Adrian Gonzalez.

Murakami was drafted by a Tokyo-based swallow who graduated from high school, and after spending a year in the minor league, he broke 36 home runs as a 19-year-old rookie. He then hit .307 with 28 home runs in a 120-game season with a shortened pandemic.

Murakami must come to the majors after the 2025 season and before the spring training in 2027. Murakami is subject to international bonus pool money restrictions until he is 25 years old. This eliminates the financial incentive for Swallows to make him available before that. (The submission fee paid to Swallow is based on the value of the contract with the MLB team that Murakami signed him.) At the same time, they have a nine-year service period and before he qualifies for international free. I think I will sell him. agency.


NL Champions: Dodgers, Cardinals, Braves.

NL Wildcard: Padres, Mets.

AL Division Champion: Astros, White Sox, Yankees.

AL Wildcard: Blue Jays, Twins.

World Series Prediction: White Sox Dodgers.

And … late start

Enjoy this season.With Collective bargaining agreement expires At the end of the season, the 2022 season may not start on time.

Dodger star Corey Seager’s MVP run and other MLB predictions Source link Dodger star Corey Seager’s MVP run and other MLB predictions

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