Do You Need Another App to Discover Beautiful Places When You Travel

Tech-empowered travel is a new travel trend that will greatly shape global tourism. Travel apps have become a necessity these days. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to save money by finding cheap flights or last-minute deals or to find a great app and explore new destinations. Reports show that the most downloaded travel apps worldwide in 2021 are Google Maps (106 million downloads), Uber (94 million downloads), (63 million downloads), Google Earth (57 million downloads), and Airbnb (44 million downloads). Some other incredibly useful apps that come in handy when you travel are Google Translate and TripAdvisor (especially restaurants and cuisine recommendations).

In addition to those, there are also social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook that definitely do shape the future of tourism. Social media-inspired traveling helps you make a decision and only in a few clicks you are from seeing the destination of your dreams to buying a flight ticket to go there.

Indeed, posts, storytelling, Instagram reels, and influencers change tourism. Small and unexplored destinations see a lot of tourism growth from this type of promotion. But once you do reach such a destination, you need an app to help you plan and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. There are many apps to help you find a great restaurant, book a spa or a massage or find your way in and around the place. If you prefer on-the-ground local expertise you can try with a local travel agency and explore the sites that are a bit off the beaten tracks.

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