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DNC President Jamie Harrison argues why black voters should support Democrats in the 2022 election.

Jamie Harrison (photo courtesy)

If history and polls are any indication, Democrats, who currently control the White House and Congress, face a tough battle in the November election race to repel Republican takeovers in Congress.

Support for President Joe Biden has declined significantly among Americans – especially black Americans – and with few exceptions in the modern era, the incumbent’s political party has historically lost its majority in the US House, Senate or both.

Despite these possibilities, Jamie Harrison, chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party (DNC), remains optimistic that Democrats may oppose the chances of the upcoming 2022 by-elections.

“One thing I learned in 2020 is that you can create your own story,” Harrison said in an interview withGrio.

Citing the crushing defeat of former President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Harrison said: “History has also taught us that incumbent presidents rarely lose re-election. Well, for the first time in almost 30 years, an incumbent president has lost. ”

The victory of the special runoff in the January 2021 election in Georgia by Democratic senators Rafael Warnock and John Osof, Harrison added, also disproved the historical precedent.

However, the Democrats’ election victory in 2020 was largely attributed to the enormous turnout of black voters, whose support for President Biden and the Democratslost weight.

According toHIT strategy, which examines the trends of blacks and minority voters, the percentage of support among black Americans for Biden’s response to community needs fell from 93% in September 2021 to 78% in January 2022. However, Biden maintains the support of the black voters. However, the question remains whether reliable Democrat voters will go to the polls.

Two major issues that have come to the forefront for black Americans are the impetus for federal reform of voting rights to combat a wave of restrictive voting laws passed by statewide state legislatures, and police reform. in response to countless deadly police killings. to black Americans. So far, Democrats have been unsuccessful in maneuvering around the Filipino in the US Senate to pass any of these bills.

Moreover, moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kristen Cinema of Arizona have refused to change or eliminate the filibuster to pass any bill. Manchin also struck a blow to the Democrats’ agenda in December when he announced he hadwill not vote in favor of President Biden’s Build Better Better program.this would extend the children’s tax credit, among other social spending programs.

Harrison confirmed previous reports fromtheGriothat Democrats are exploring ways to break the Freedom of Vote Act: the John R. Lewis Act and the George Floyd Justice Act to make voting rights and police reform a reality. But he complained, “I wish I had a vote in the Senate, but I don’t.”

The chairman, meanwhile, said the DNC was doing its part to ensure voter protection.

“We have built the largest voter protection team in the history of the Democratic Party [and] in DNC history, ”Harrison said. “We are deploying voter protection staff across the country нал on-site staff who can help educate our constituents, make sure they have all the resources and things they need to draw up a voting plan and in fact to go and count their votes. “

As for Floyd’s bill, Harrison added: “We will continue to push for it, not because it is a good promise for the campaign or because it is the right thing to do. And that is the goal of this party – to do what we know is the right thing to do to improve the lives of the people in this country. “

But there are other issues that are important to black Americans, according to data tracked by HIT Strategies, such as COVID’s economic recovery, inflation and wages, health care, crime and student loan debt.

Arguing to Biden and Democrats, Harrison said the president “inherited so many issues and problems from Donald Trump [and] rolls up his sleeves with the vice president and Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate to try to solve these problems.

“There was such a disproportionate amount of resources going to black communities to deal with the COVID crisis, and this president and the Democrats in Congress changed it,” Harrison said.theGrio.

“We have also seen a disproportionate number of black companies that do not receive the resources they need to stay open. They did not receive the grants, they did not receive the loans that many other companies received during the Trump administration. And that has changed, too.

He added: “We have seen the Biden administration tell mainly federal agencies that we need to change our purchasing power and expand our contracts with small businesses, especially black companies.

Harrison also supports the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts toincrease funding for historic black colleges and universities (HBCU).

But for Democrats to do more in Washington, Harrison said, the party needs more Senate votes, which means Democrats need their electorate – black voters – to run in the November election.

“There is still a lot to do. But to get there, we must also acknowledge that we need more votes. “We need more votes in the United States Senate to get around the filibuster that Republicans have used so much to block much of the progress the administration and president want to make,” Harrison said. “We cannot allow them to take control of the Senate House because our democracy will eventually be threatened.

But it is not just Republican obstructionism that has stood in the way of the Democratic Party’s legislative agenda. Members of his own party, Senators Manchin and Cinema, also angered both fellow Democrats, defenders and black voters. Asked whether the Democratic Party should support the main challenges facing Manchin and Cinema or should be criticized for not keeping pace with the party, Harrison said he saw them as crucial to the party’s success.

“At the moment, Senator Cinema and Senator Manchin are helping us get the majority … because if we didn’t have them, guess what? “Mitch McConnell is the leader of the majority, and that means that when the Supreme Court seat opens, because we are about to see the president’s nomination, we will not be able to do that,” Harrison said.

“I would rather work with someone who votes 75, 85, 90% of the time, than have a Republican who votes against us 100% of the time. I think we need to be pragmatic in our approach … We need to focus on how to get more Republican seats so we can add that to the United States Senate list. And I will give us the freedom to move around the filibuster and do more for the American people. “

There are a number of races that need to be watched closely, Harrison said, including campaigns by U.S. Congressman Val Demings, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Florida, and Cherry Beasley, who is vying for a seat in the North Carolina Senate. If successful, both candidates will become the first black women from the respective states to serve in the United States Senate.

There are also four Senate re-election seats that Democrats must retain to maintain their 50-50 Senate split: Senator Rafael Warnock in Georgia, Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona, Catherine Cortez Mastro in Nevada and Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. .

“We are trying to help the candidates there. And the most important thing is that the party states really put the strongest possible campaigns to the vote this November, “said President Harrison.

There is some positive news for Democrats heading for the 2022 election, according to aReport of the Pew Research CenterDemocrats are viewed more favorably by the Republican Party on most issues, including COVID-19, climate change, health care and education.

Education, in particular, has become a problem harnessed by Republicans through the anti-critical crusade of racial theory. While the CRT is an academic concept commonly taught in law school that examines how race as a social construct is embedded in American institutions, that hasn’t stopped Republicans from speculating that it somehow teaches K-12 students across the country. .

The anti-CRT movement has gained so much momentum that it is seen as a winning strategy in the race for governor of Virginia in November 2021. On his first day in office, the new governor, Glenn Youngkin, signed an executive order banning the concept and others. essence of dividing concepts ”. There have been similar accountsproposed or acceptedin states across the country that would limit the way classroom competition is taught.

President Harrison called the Republican Party “the party of fear, deception and fascism”, adding, “this is a CRT” trying to make some people fear others in our society, people who don’t look like them, who may not have the same background type. “

Harrison also denied the idea that CRT is taught in K-12 schools.

“Many of us parents had to educate our children for almost a year last year because of COVID during that time. Did you teach critical racial theory to your children? This is the curriculum we received from the school houses and we all had to implement them and do it as parents. Did you learn it? No, because it is not taught in our schools, “he said.

In the end, Harrison said he believed Democrats would prevail on issues that matter most to Americans. But in the end, he said, it is important that all Americans exercise their right to vote this year, regardless of which party they support.

“You have to make sure that you are actually exercising your right to choose the person who will fight for your values,” Harrison said. “Yes, I would be happy for you to vote for a Democrat, but in the end I just want you to be able to go and vote. Make sure you express yourself and exercise the most sacred right we have as Americans. “

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DNC Chair Jaime Harrison makes case for why Black voters should support Dems in 2022 elections   – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link DNC Chair Jaime Harrison makes case for why Black voters should support Dems in 2022 elections   – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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