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Many people enjoy watching old movies and family photos on photo albums and web-based photo sites because it’s a way to keep family history alive.

Marco Cutino does not have that option. He didn’t know his father, and his mother lost his life at an early age.

However, a 47-year-old Long Beach resident received a 23andMe kit as a Christmas present in 2019.

“I never thought of using the kit in my life,” said Cutino, a technician in the emergency room at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “But when I finally decided to test and send, I never thought it would be a way to find my dad or someone in my family. I never thought it was my family. did.”

He didn’t think of it differently after Cutino gave him a saliva sample, put it in the provided tube and sent it back to the company.

About a month later, he received an email from the company. He learned the basics of ancestor reports, DNA relative traits, trait reports and more. And he closed the email.

Then, in February 2020, Cutino resumed email and saw something he had never seen before.

“At the top it says’family and friends’,” he said. “I clicked on it and thought, it’s weird. On top of that was my sister’s name, which I said was half-sister. I was shocked. I didn’t know there were half-sisters. I All I knew was that I was hoping it would be a link to my dad. “

Cutino said he was able to see the profile of his half-sisters. He immediately sent a message to her and she replied on the same day.

“I remember like yesterday,” said half-sister Leonor Gracia. “This is great. I was checking my email and saw a message from 23andMe.”

Gracia, 42, soon learned that Cutino was involved. “The moment I saw my brother (Cutino) on Facebook. He has the same face as my two brothers.”

After Gracia told her husband, she sent another message to Cutino asking for his phone number.

“He told me:’This is like a dream,’ Gracia said.” We talked for hours. “

“She was really excited,” Cutino said. “I told her about me. She told me about her family. And we got together. She was only an hour away. I was in Phoenix at the time. She lives in Tucson. She is from Nogales in Sonora, Mexico and has more families. “

After the call, Gracia told her brother everything. But she didn’t know how her mother would receive the news. It took her two weeks to give her courage.

“She said,’Okay, I know your dad had a past,'” Gracia said. Her mother told Gracia to see her brother, and in the future, She also wants to know him.

Cutino and Gracia met at a restaurant a week later. He was nervous. So did she.

“I felt like going on a date,” he said. “I met her right away. I hugged her. We were in the restaurant for five hours just talking. I spent my whole life unaware that I had a sister.”

There were several gatherings in Cutino and Gracia, including meeting Gracia’s mom, two brothers-in-law, and sister-in-law. And before the pandemic, Cutino met the rest of the family in Nogales.

Still, Cutino hasn’t seen his born father.

“Leonor has a good relationship with her dad,” Cutino said. “I really want to see him. My brother-in-law gave him my number, but he was shocked. He didn’t expect this to happen 46 years later. I was waiting for his call. It’s been a year and he didn’t contact me. “

“My brother David and I went to my dad and told him what we knew,” Gracia said. “Then my dad was quiet for a while, and he said,’What do you know? Maybe he’s my nephew.” No, DNA says he’s your son. is showing. He said science was not wrong. You don’t want to admit it. “

Gracia wants her father to meet Cutino. “I am patient and wait for the day. Marco is very nice and kind. He is a wonderful person.”

Cutino confirms that his father is following him and comments on Cutino’s Facebook page, so he knows that his dad at least admits him.

“They are all very supportive,” Cutino said. “They all accept me. Well, if I could talk to my dad.”

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DNA test leads to discovery of more family – Press Telegram Source link DNA test leads to discovery of more family – Press Telegram

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