Djeco Group: the US Treasury reveals all

One week ago, FT Alphaville published a A long and winding work About a Edinburgh-based Scottish Limited Partnership, called the Djeco Group, which for some reason was focused on American war-related sanctions in Ukraine.

We just wanted to know why. And thanks to a follow-up to the company’s bread crumb trail that meandered through Scotland to Malta to Germany and finally, to Moscow, we thought we almost understood it. However, right at the end – after landing on three companies called Sernia in Russia – the trail went a little cold.

Here is our latest effort, in the form of a spider diagram:

Today, however, the U.S. Treasury Department has issued a Knowledge for the media Who has an amazing resemblance to our work. Eliminate the fact that he reveals much more than we could from an analysis of Maltese companies’ submissions.

Here are some of the findings:

Based in Moscow OOO Serniya Engineering (Sarnia) is at the center of a procurement network engaged in distribution activities led by Russian intelligence services. This network operates in a number of countries to obscure the end users of the Russian military and intelligence that rely on critical Western technology. Serenia and Moscow OOO Sertal (Sertal) is working to illegally purchase dual-use equipment and technology for Russia’s security sector. Based in Russia Aw Robin TradeUK based Majory LLPUK based Photon Pro LLPAnd bases of Spain Invention Bridge SL Are front companies used by Serniya to facilitate the acquisition of key equipment for the Government of the Russian Federation (GoR). Over the past month, the EU and Japan have imposed export-related restrictions on Serniya, Sertal and Photon Pro. The UK is also taking concerted action against the companies in its jurisdiction.

And would not you know it? Just below this paragraph, a spider diagram:

This goes on to discuss Mrs. Barnova – owner of Djeco Group, and CEO of MaltaRent movie rental business – who has appeared extensively in our work:

Evgenia Vladimirovna BarnovaOperates, close to the Serenia network Melberg Ltd. located in Malta (Melberg) Despite a multinational network of shell companies. Melberg acted to purchase misleading dual-use equipment on behalf of Russian end users. Bernova’s network includes the director of Melberg, Nikita Alexandrovich SobolevUK based Djeco Group LPMalta based Djeco Group Holding LtdMalta based Meltrent Ltd.And based in France SCI Griber. In addition, based in Moscow Sernia-Film Co LtdThere Barnova served as a director, facilitating the export of equipment by Melberg to government end users destined for Russia.

So here it is, in a glowing light: Russia’s ties to a random Scottish limited partnership. Sometimes, it turns out, the truth is out there.

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Djeco Group: the US Treasury reveals all Source link Djeco Group: the US Treasury reveals all

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