Dixie Fire: Maps, evacuations, updates

Fire activists expect a lot of fire activity this week, day and night, especially in hot and dry conditions.

Plumas County, California — Dixie Fires Rage in the North California that’s why fire The crew is currently working to contain the state’s largest fire, the 14th largest fire in state history.

The fire has spread to 220,012 acres and has 23% containment. There were 39 structures destroyed along with 21 minor structures. Five structures and three small structures are damaged.

In the eastern zone of the Dixie fire, fire activity became more active as temperatures rose and humidity dropped. The crew cut the line near the perimeter of the Buckslake area, extended the line south of the Hambury Gorge, and at the same time secured Mount Hafrod.

In the West Zone, crew expects the rest of the week to be hot and dry as thunderstorms can approach the fire area.

Click for Tuesday’s Dixie Fire update here..

Accounts to follow:

Evacuation order:

  • High Lakes (Plumas County) – Plumas County recreation area east of the Butte / Plumas County Line
  • Take the Pramas / Butte County Line east to Twain – Includes both sides of Highway 70 in the Rock Creek, Story, Tobin, Belden, Caribou Rich Bar and Twain areas
  • Backslake Meadow Valley – Riverdance’s Bucks Lake Road and everything west of the Butte / Plumas County Line. This includes Snake Lake, Meadow Valley, Torgate, Buckslake, Buckslake Highlands, and all areas around it.
  • Caribou Road north of the intersection of Humbug Road and Humboldt Road – This includes the Belden Reservoir and the Bat Valley Reservoir
  • Everything west of the Prattville Bat Reservoir Road and the Butte / Plumas County Line – Humbug-Humbug Road from the west intersection of Humboldt Road to the Butte County line, and everything south of Humbug Road has been ordered to evacuate.
  • Seneca community south of highway 70
  • West Coast of Lake Armana, Prattville, Canyondam – From northwest of Canyon Dam to Highway 36 on Highway 89. This includes Big Meadows, Lake Armor West, Rocky Point Campgrounds, Canyon Dam Boat Ranch and Canyon Dam.
  • Round Valley Reservoir, Dixie Canyon, Indian Falls – Long Valley (west of Round Valley), South of Dixie Canyon to Indian Falls, South of Indian Falls, Highway 70/89 Junction
  • Butterfly Valley, Keddy to Highway 70, Blackhawk Road, Snake Lake – This includes the Spanish Creek Campground, Roundhouse Road and Old Highway (West)
  • Green Building and Crescent Mills
  • West of Highway 89/36 Junction, all along the south side of Highway 36 to the county line
  • East of Keddy, Roundhouse Road, Old Highway (West)
  • Taylorsville – All about Arlington Road
  • Highway 70 on Blackhawk Road, Barlow Road to the south, Snake Lake to the west

Residents are required to evacuate to Highway 147 north and then to Chester to evacuate, or to the south via Highway 89 and Highway 70 to Quincy. .. Paramedics warn residents to leave on a door-to-door visit.

  • Jonesville area
  • Philbrook area
  • High Lakes Area

read more here Strengthening evacuation orders in Plumas County and Butte County (P Zone 1-33).

Evacuation warning

  • East Shore of Chester, Lake Armana Peninsula, and Highway 147 – Includes Chester Area, Hamilton Branch, Lake Armana Peninsula and East Shore.Everything west of Highway 89 between Canyon Dam and Highway 36, west of the County Line
  • West Quincy – From Quincy Junction Road to Mount Hafflod, and from the top of the cemetery hill, including everything west
  • Genesee Valley – From southeast of Taylorsville to Antelope Play Claude, and everything south to Brady’s Camp
  • Northern and eastern valleys of India – Includes Pex Valley Road and Diamond Mountain Road east of North Arm
  • East Quincy – Highway 70 near Masak and everything west towards the Meadow Valley. This includes Chandler Road and Quincy La Porte Road from Highway 70 to Thompson Creek.
  • Area from Tehama County Line East to Old Roma Road
  • From Carpenter Ridge East to Skyway
  • Skyway North from the Hambag Summit Line to Butte Creek
  • Lassen National Forest Area All Fish Creek Areas on the Road
  • Purga and Philbrook regions east of the western tributary of the Feather River
  • North of SR70 West Magalia
  • The intersection of SR70 south of the Purga Road and Plumas County Lines.
  • Butte Meadows and Inskip Area
  • T zone 1: Include the area of ​​Colby Creek. The warning begins on the Butte and Tehama County lines, along the Tehama County line to the west to the intersection with SR32, along the SR32 corridor to the north to the intersection with SR36, and from the intersection of SR32 and SR36 to the east along SR36. Take the Pramas and Tehama county lines to the intersection.
  • T zone 2: Include the milk leak area. The Tehama County Security Office has issued evacuation alerts to areas and communities south of the Milk Creek community to the Campbellville community and east of Highway 32.


Road closed

  • Road A13 on CA147
  • State Highway 89 State Highway 70 at the north junction with Greenville Wai
  • West Chandler Road State Highway 70
  • Take State Highway 70 west on Gunsner Park Drive
  • East Chandler Road State Highway 70
  • Quincy Junction Road on Chandler Road
  • State Highway 89 on Arlington Road
  • State Highway 89 State Highway 36
  • State Highway 147 State Highway 89
  • Deadwood Road State Highway 70
  • Bambiin’s Humboldt
  • State Highway 32 on Upper Humboldt Road
  • State Highway 36 State Highway 32
  • For current state highway / route information, please visit: roads.dot.ca.gov

Butte County Evacuation Map

Live evacuation map from Butte County It can be obtained from the following.

Wildfire map

NS Updated map Dixie fire planted area

Preparing for a forest fire

According to CalFire2020 was one of the toughest fire seasons on record, with 9,917 wildfires burning 4.2 million acres. Over 9,000 buildings were destroyed and 31 people (civilians and firefighters) were killed.

California also experienced the first “gigafire” due to a complex fire in August, burning more than a million acres on its own. Four of California’s top five largest wildfires in history occurred in 2020.

If you live in an area prone to wildfires CalFire suggests Create a defensive space around your home.Can be defended Space is the area around the building Vegetation and other debris are completely removed. We recommend at least 100 feet.

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Homeland Security Proposes Assembling an emergency kit with important documents, an N95 breathing mask, and equipment to take with you if you have to leave immediately.The agency also suggests signing up for local alert system notifications to know your community’s evacuation plans. Great for preparing yourself and your family In case of a forest fire.

Some counties use Nixle alerts to update residents about stormy weather, wildfires, and other news. apply, www.nixle.com Alternatively, text the zip code to 888777 to start receiving alerts.

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PG & E customers can also subscribe to alerts by text, email, or phone. If you are using PG & E,[プロファイルとアラート]Please access the section and register.

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Dixie Fire: Maps, evacuations, updates Source link Dixie Fire: Maps, evacuations, updates

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