Dixie Fire: Doctor warns to limit exposure from unhealthy smoke

The smoke from Dixie’s fire creates an unhealthy condition.

Sacramento, CA — Smoke from California’s Largest Active Forest fireA burning Dixie fire near the small town of Quincy blew into the Sacramento area, causing unhealthy conditions throughout the area.

Due to this situation, the Roseville City Parks Authority has canceled all outdoor programs, including swimming and adult sports. The department wrote on Twitter on Wednesday..

Roseville had the worst reported air quality in the area. Spare air, according to the Sacramento area.

Dr. Christian SandrockA professor of infectious diseases, critical care, and respiratory medicine at the University of California, Davis Medical Center said the biggest threat to wildfire smoke is the fine particles released into the air when wood and other organic matter are burned. Said that. Those small debris can penetrate deep into your lungs, According to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dr. Sandrock said wildfire smoke has many negative health effects in the short term, as it can cause inflammation such as runny nose and itchy eyes, which can exacerbate chronic heart and lung disease. Said there is a possibility.

According to Dr. Sandrock, long-term exposure can lead to other serious conditions such as cancer, allergies, and weakened immune systems.

Wildfire smoke is dangerous to everyone, but some, including those with chronic heart and lung conditions, are at greater risk, he says.

The best way to protect yourself is to limit exposure, Dr. Sandrock said. Your next line of defense is to continue using your home or car filter or wear a N95 or better mask.

Sacramento is experiencing deterioration of air quality due to Dixie Fire

Dixie Fire: Doctor warns to limit exposure from unhealthy smoke Source link Dixie Fire: Doctor warns to limit exposure from unhealthy smoke

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