Distance Learning Leads to a Higher Percentage of Failing Grades

According to CUSD, the number of rejects has increased compared to the previous year. School officials say distance learning poses challenges for many students.

The Coronado Unified School District reports more failed grades for the first semester of the school year compared to the recent year. School officials say this increase in Ds and Fs affected all levels of education.


According to data released by the school district, in the fall of 2019, 2% of Coronado High School students received F grades in all subjects, but in this past fall 2020 semester, Slightly reduced The student population has earned an F grade. The D grade for the same two fall semesters went from 4% of all students in 2019 to 5% this past fall. Also note that in the fall of 2019, Grade A accounted for 52% of the student population in all subjects, rising to 56% of the fall 2020 students.


Dr. Megan Battle, CUSD’s Learning Director, believes that several factors are involved, including rating changes during a pandemic.

“When we talk to staff, they actually change and adjust the way grades are assigned and the percentages they assign to the types of assessments they are performing,” says Battle. “Overall, we are happy [the increase is] It’s not the double digits you see in some of the neighborhoods, but there are still many students working individually to improve. “


Other school districts in San Diego County have reported similar trends. In October, Carlsbad Unified School District Reported 300% F grade spikes compared to last year, Sweetwater Union High School Reported an increase in failing grades. This increase is also happening throughout California. Long Beach Unified School District, If the failing grade doubles during distance learning.

Battle believes that distance learning poses some challenges for students of all ages.

“We feel that the distance learning platform is not the best platform for all students,” Battle said. “Some people actually work on it and navigate their learning environment well, but other students who usually don’t struggle also struggle. Their home environment is less structured and the Internet is reliable. And adults at home may not be able to receive support. “

Nonetheless, Battle says the district also takes into account other data showing some positive news, such as benchmark ratings.

“Our formative data shows that students are learning and mastering standards throughout the grade,” says Battle.

Here’s a complete PDF comparison of subjects and grades for the first semester of 2018, 2019 and 2020: Found here..

CUSD plans to use state funding to offer free credit summer schools academic courses for secondary school students in math, English, and science, in addition to academic enrichment experiences for elementary school students. doing. High school students have the option to modify their grades to earn credits. Elementary school students also have the opportunity to come to campus for additional support to start the next grade at the grade level. Meanwhile, the district is working to provide support to students who are struggling.

The Coronado Schools Foundation will continue to offer powerful, paid summer learning courses for students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Visual Arts (VAPA).

“We are a small district and we are fortunate in the sense that we can contact students individually to find out if they need social or emotional support, or if it is more academic.” Said Battle. “So, depending on the challenge, we definitely have counseling and academic support to help our students.”

Battle says he hopes his grades will improve now that the district is back in Face-to-face class..

“We are doing our best to ensure that our students continue to work on this platform and have a learning experience while on campus,” says Battle. Students have not had such a social and emotional connection since March last year. As a result, students are happy to be able to return to campus and have such interactions with their peers, even half a day or a few days a week. “


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Distance Learning Leads to a Higher Percentage of Failing Grades Source link Distance Learning Leads to a Higher Percentage of Failing Grades

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