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Walt Disney Imagineering develops the concept, backstory, and design of the new Tenaya Stone Spa at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, reflecting the spirit of nature, California’s indigenous culture, and the hotel’s Arts & Crafts architecture. bottom.

“There is a truly natural connection between respecting the craftsman’s story and the spirit of nature and the indigenous ideas and intentions of how they actually live, and the universal idea of ​​respecting the spirit of nature. There was, “said Katrina Mosher, director of Walt Disney Imagineering Art, in an online video interview. “It was a natural partnership.”

new Tenaya Stone Day Spa At Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will open on Thursday, September 16th, and first-time bookings are limited to guests staying at Grand Californian, Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s Paradise Spear Hotel.

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The remodeled spa was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and will be operated for the first time by Disney. The former Mandala Spa, designed and operated by a third party, was closed in July 2019.

The inside story of the new Tenaya Stone Spa seeks to recreate the dreamlike experience of a relaxing hideaway in nature. Imagineering worked with Disney’s Native American Cultural Advisor Dawn Jackson to develop Tenaya, which can be interpreted as “dreaming” in Yosemite Valley’s indigenous culture.

“I chose Tenaya before I dreamed,” Mosher said. “I thought it was very suitable for Disney’s spa.”

According to Mosher, Imagineering talked about the hotel’s nature-inspired artisan aesthetic and wanted a new spa design that connects to the theme park elements next to Disney California Adventure Park.

“One of the spa windows has Grizzly Peak, and the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is there,” says Mosher. “That story in that part of the park is based on Yosemite and Yosemite Valley and refers to the Native Americans who lived through it, so it seemed like a really natural connection. rice field.”

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According to Mosher, the lobby of the large and voluminous hotel at the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa is intended to represent the entrance to the Redwood Forest.

“You are asked to look up at nature,” Mosher said. “At the spa, we want you to do the exact opposite. We want you to come in — get down and in yourself. You come in and take a break, your mental and physical self. I want to connect with my emotional self and my social self. “

The Tenaya Stone Spa incorporates the four concepts of natural order found in many indigenous cultures of the world, including four basic directions, four natural elements, and four wellness points.

“You can combine these four forces in different ways, depending on the tribe you’re from and what’s important to you, to mean different things that are important to you,” Mosher said. “That was the idea behind Spa’s design theory.”

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The Redwood Route Chandelier at Tenaya Stone Spa will open at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at Disneyland Resort on September 16th. (Disney)

The spa layout combines four elements and colors with four normal orientations: air and red to the south, earth and white to the north, sun and yellow to the east, and water and black to the west.

“I actually created the layout before I created the storyline, and that’s how I decided it was appropriate,” Mosher said. “We had a really strong north-south corridor. You enter from the west and move east as you begin your journey to treatment.”

Spa design elements include chandeliers designed from tree roots, stained glass doors and windows, and community-made artwork. Hardwood floors made from a series of wooden circles showing off the growing ring also conveniently form an endless supply of hidden Mickey.

“We kept things really raw and really natural,” Mosher said.

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The Tenaya Stone Spa will open on September 16th at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at Disneyland Resort. (Disney)

The actual Tenaya stone, donated by the Miwok elders, descendants of Yosemite Valley’s Tenaya chief, is the centerpiece of the spa’s nature-themed brush arbor.

“Guests on a journey are required to put their hands on the stones, take some time to leave the world, and be physically connected to nature,” says Mosher.

Upon arrival, visitors will be asked to choose one of four stones to guide the spa experience, according to Tenaya Stone Spa Director Brett Perkins.

“We really customize the whole experience for them,” Perkins said in an online video interview. “There is nothing about cookie cutters. Disney’s difference is storytelling. What sets us apart is that each guest passing through the door creates a personalized experience.”

Disney’s Tenaya Stone Spa inspired by California nature, architecture and indigenous cultures – Press Telegram Source link Disney’s Tenaya Stone Spa inspired by California nature, architecture and indigenous cultures – Press Telegram

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