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Disneyland’s annual passholders accustomed to VIP treatment miss the greatest perks of all of them. Priority access to buy theme park tickets and advance reservations for Disney’s Anaheim theme park reopening after a year of coronavirus closure.

After condemning the death of the 40-year-old annual pass program at the COVID-19 pandemic and promising to love former annual pass holders, Disneyland has become part of the most loyal fan base when it comes to pre-booking and tickets. Sale that feels like forgetting a member April 30 Park reopening..

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Instead of VIP treatment, AP is left behind in the cold like John Q. Public. Talk about bad farewell.

“Wow, it’s a terrible day to be a Disneyland passholder.” All Years Theme Park Park Blogger Curly Terginy I wrote on Twitter following the announcement of Disneyland.

Advance reservations for the resumption of limited capacity at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will be available to visitors with previously purchased tickets on Monday, April 12th. Sell ​​to the public Disneyland did not announce priority access for passholders to buy and book tickets or hold AP preview dates, as the park did at other special events and grand openings.

Disneyland Resorts value the loyalty of legacy passholders and look forward to creating special opportunities for them once the park reopens, according to Disneyland officials.

Disneyland is working on creating a special legacy passholder location after the park reopens.

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Due to the priority ticket access policy, passholders felt left out of the guest list for the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” party. Was the invitation lost by email?

“Why create a Legacy Passholder Program when you don’t intend to offer any perks or perks?” Disneyland Passholder Alisha Lorraine I wrote it on Twitter.

If 2020 wasn’t bad enough for Disneyland passholders, 2021 will continue to get worse.Disneyland Killed the annual pass program January after the park was closed by the COVID-19 pandemic for most of 2020. Annual passholders now need to draw a virtual line with the general public behind visitors with unused tickets. This is what AP essentially had before Disneyland ended the program.

When Disneyland and DCA finally reopen, passholders may not be able to enter the park for weeks or months, depending on how quickly tickets are sold out.

“This doesn’t make sense. It’s just like that.” @ethermac On Twitter. “Can Legacy Passholders Get Early Access to Tickets? Don’t You Like Anything?”

New Disneyland Legacy Pass Holder Magnets available at A Touch of Disney. (Disney)

In January, Disneyland said “Legacy pass holderFor those who had an active annual pass when the park closed in March 2020 and promised a lot of future benefits and surprises.

“Legacy passholders clearly have no benefit because they have no” valid “tickets because they canceled their pass,” Disney fans said. @erinshay I wrote it on Twitter. “CA residents feel like they need to get some sort of” preview “as Universal did for passholders. “

Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Legoland California all offer priority access to passholders and hold a “Welcome back” preview day to passholders as a special thanks for sticking to them throughout the pandemic. Did.

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So far, Disneyland’s Legacy Passholder benefits include “WandaVision” photography opportunities, free fridge magnets, shopping and dining discounts. However, it cannot be accessed in preference to those who have unused tickets or the general public. This is what Disney World’s annual passholders got.

Walt Disney World — Did Not End Annual Pass Program — Provides priority access to passholders To pre-book when Disney’s four Florida theme parks have reduced capacity and reopened last summer after the coronavirus closure was extended.

Disney World visitors with existing hotel and theme park ticket combo packages will have access to the new booking system starting June 22nd. Disney World Annual Passholders can be booked from June 26th. Access to the reservation system on June 28th.

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Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, said the passholder was in the park.Most important fan.. “

“Disneyland is in the DNA of people here in Southern California and beyond,” Potlock said in an interview with a reporter in January. “It’s very hard for us to recognize this group as our biggest fan, our most important fan, and the group we want to make sure we cross our arms and really show love to them. It is important.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek booked a multi-night stay, and long-distance travelers spending more at Disney Park said:More valuableFrom the annual pass holder.

“Usually, people who travel for five to seven days come in with an annual pass and stay for a day or two, and are slightly more valuable to the business than those who consume less goods, food and drink. There is, “Chapec said in August. Call for revenue.

Disneyland annual passholders complain about lack of priority ticket access for parks’ return – Orange County Register Source link Disneyland annual passholders complain about lack of priority ticket access for parks’ return – Orange County Register

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