Disney unveils June opening for Marvel-themAvengers Campus

Like many pandemic plans, the Marvel-themed superhero Avengers Campus has been opened at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim. However, the news came that the land, including the interactive Spider-Man Ride for families, will be available on June 4th. The date was announced Thursday at a web conference hosted by Disney Parks Chairman Josh Damaro. Product.

Damaro discussed the land with Marvel’s head Kevin Feige and joked to Fage that the date of June 4 was chosen because Feige was close to Feige’s June 2nd birthday.

Disneyland Resort plans to reopen two theme parks with tickets on April 30th Released on April 15.. Tickets and advance reservations are required to visit Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park. The Avengers Campus is located in the California Adventure Park area, once home to Kids’ Bugsland, and includes the thrilling Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission Breakout!

Take a look at the completed Avengers Campus.

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Last year, just before the pandemic stay-at-home order and national closure, Disney announced that the land was nearly complete and would open in July 2020. Disneyland Resort has been closed for over a year.

However, fans who attended a food-focused event at Disney California Adventure Park, whose construction was completed during the pandemic, Disney touch You can see the Avengers fishing in the pictures of the glittering silver aircraft, the glittering quintet, which is often used. It sits on top of one of the land’s major infrastructures and is partially visible from the outskirts of Cars Land.

With a few pivots from the towering reenactments of the other universe — against the magical realms of the land inspired by Universal’s “Harry Potter”, or the recent “Avager” and “Star Wars” franchises, including the alien galaxy. Take a look at Disney’s own take Edge — The Avengers Campus relies heavily on familiar things. The setting is essentially the real world, a place in Southern California for the Avengers to meet and hire potential new collaborators.

The exterior is relatively modern, the former industrial area filled with brick buildings has been transformed into a trendy communal spot with an Ant-Man and Wasp-themed beer garden. An oversized reference to Spider-Man and a land anchor ride, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure — a family-friendly attraction that is a large-scale video game built on essentially stupid gesture controls. Doesn’t look out of place For example, in the downtown art district of Los Angeles.

It’s not without many illusions, from technology to gastronomy to good old magic tricks. The Avengers Campus was marketed as an activity-focused land, while pandemic and budgetary constraints could change some of the original plans.

For example, a long-time kidnapped is the acrobatic Spider-Man. This is technically a robot that performs 60-65 feet of stunts in the air above the building that houses the attraction. Expect the stunts to be visible all over the country — and after soaring in the air, a very human Spider-Man descends the building to meet guests.

Visit Quinn Jet on Disney California Adventure's Avengers Campus.

Visit Quinn Jet on Disney California Adventure’s Avengers Campus.

Previous works also featured a training show featuring Black Panther guards and a mysterious corner modeled on supernatural ruins where Doctor Strange could show off his magical abilities. Adjacent to the land is the eye-catching silver of the Avengers headquarters, which is believed to someday serve as a gateway to new vehicles, but is currently home to elaborate stunt shows.

In a 30-minute conversation between Damaro and Fage, the two were excited to talk about Spider-Man Ride featuring the new Tom Holland. Score while trying to involve an uncontrollable spider robot. At the attraction, guests wear 3D glasses and a sling web. It swings its arms around like no one is looking to capture the bot and manipulate the digital environment.

Ride blends video game techniques with a clearer story, so think of it as a kind of next-generation Toy Story midway enthusiast. In the vehicle setting, guests are traveling the entire Avengers Campus to allow Spider-Man to control his new toys.

But it’s mainly about playing with your ride buddies, or doing your best.

“It’s very competitive,” said the vehicle Damaro.

Disney unveils June opening for Marvel-themAvengers Campus Source link Disney unveils June opening for Marvel-themAvengers Campus

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