Discord bans pro-Trump server ‘The Donald’

Discord has banned a server called “The Donald”, a pro-Trump community linked to the banned subreddit r / The_Donald and news is First reported Along Platformer Writer (and On the verge Contributor) Casey Newton.

The ban comes two days after a Trump-backed mob raided the U.S. Capitol, backed by President Trump, but Discord says there is no evidence that the server was used to organize a riot. I will.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for the use of Discord to support or organize all sorts of hatred and violence on the platform, or violent extremism,” Discord shared. Said in a statement The Verge.. “There is no evidence that a server called Donald was used to organize the January 6th riot, but Discord today due to an explicit connection to the online forums used to incite violence. We have decided to ban the entire server. We plan an armed riot in the United States. Disseminate harmful misreporting related to the state and the 2020 US election fraud. “

Reddit banned Trump-backed subredditr / The_Donald in June after expanding its policy to ban hate speech more explicitly.Donald’s Discord Server was one of the places where former r / The_Donald members gathered after the ban, as detailed here. Mother Jones October article.

Reddit also banned unofficial protrump subreddit r / donald trump on Friday. “Recently, there have been repeated violence policy violations at the US Capitol.”

Discord bans pro-Trump server ‘The Donald’ Source link Discord bans pro-Trump server ‘The Donald’

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