Disch it back: Bobcats take down No. 1 Longhorns on the road

USTIN – The State of Texas could let the nation’s top team stay in place. Instead, the Bobcats came for the throne.

One night after suffering a tough 9-8 defeat at Bobcat Ballpark in front of a record 3,283 record-breakers, the Crimson and Gold invaded the UFCU Disch-Falk Field, leaving 6-4 at No. 1 in Texas in Wednesday.

This is the third time in the history of the program that the State of Texas has toppled the No. 1 team in the country. It is also the first time the team has done so away from home since defeating Texas No. 1 at Disch on April 27, 2005.

“Beating a team like Texas, which is No. 1 in the country and is such a talented team – and on the road – I think speaks volumes,” said Texas Head coach Steven Trout. “And especially after last night, right? We could have come down and laid an egg and not be mentally tough. “But they kept fighting and they kept fighting and we did it.”

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Senior right-back John Wuthrich has worried it could be difficult to get up for Wednesday night’s game after the Bobcats broke up Tuesday’s emotional game. The team was on the verge of winning one of the biggest wins in the history of the program, and it was disappointing to come up with a short run.

“Whenever I woke up, I would say, ‘Dude, I do not know how you can match last night,'” Wuthrich said. “Even though we fought as hard as we could, it was like leaving everything out. But in baseball, you have to get up and play the next day. So (I was) somehow I had to dig deep and find that energy for today. But honestly, whenever the first stadium was thrown, this crowd and this atmosphere gave this energy to us “.

The crowd more than doubled in size on Wednesday, as did the intensity – 7,469 spectators filled the Disch-Falk Field, wearing burnt orange and crimson and gold. It was the largest crowd of Longhorns since midday since Texas A&M visited Austin on April 2, 2019.

The Longhorns (12-2) clicked early, making two runs in the first inning and forcing Texas State coach Steven Trout to take out the second-half home pitcher in red, Peyton Zabel, after facing just five batters. Redshirt junior right-hander Matthew Nicholas got the Bobcats out of the inning, but left another streak at the end of the second, with the hosts 3-0.

The guests settled in the next frame. Junior Catcher Peyton Lewis connected to a single right field for the Bobcats’s first success of the night. Senior center-back Isaiah Ortega-Jones took a walk in his next appearance on the set. Texas chose to exchange pitchers, but senior right-winger John Wuthrich swayed to the first court he saw and cleared the ground with a home on the left court that landed in the Texas State bullpen.

It was the third consecutive game that the native of Midland sent a ball over the fence of the field.

“I feel really locked up right now. “My hands feel good and inside the box, whenever you are confident, everything seems to be going well,” said Wuthrich. “So try to drive high as hard as you can, and minimize low. “That’s what good players do, so I’m really focused on that right now, it’s just to let it lead and see how long it lasts.”

Young left-back Jose Gonzalez kept his momentum, hitting a double to the center right. Upper arm Dalton Shuffield followed with a simple and wild court allowing both runners to advance to a base, scoring Gonzalez. Senior Wesley Faison equalized for a walk and a pair of passing balls allowed Shuffield to pass the plate, giving Texas State a 5-3 lead.

Ortega-Jones sent a Homer solo to the left court at the top of the quarter to extend the lead to three, but the team did not score again for the rest of the match. The hosts returned at the end of the fifth and it was up to Bobcat bullpen to handle the rest.

Trout had to dig deeper than usual to finish the game after calling for four different weapons on Tuesday. He had already planned to use the second right hand and Saturday’s original Levi Wells for an inning in Wednesday’s game. RHP sophomore and Sunday pioneer Tony Robie asked to do the same.

“We just knew it was going to be a great day and we flew a lot of different types,” Trout said. “And I’m really proud of how these guys got along so far and did it.”

Robie took the mound in seventh and Wells in eighth, both players kept the bases clean for the visitors and set up top RHP Tristan Stivors to close the ninth.

Stivors delivered a single, hit the next two players he saw and then hit the next hit. He named the first key player of the Texas red jersey, Ivan Melendez, who was already 3-4 on the set at night.

Stevors knew he could not allow Melendez to touch the ball with the equalizer. He was left behind with 2-0 in the count, but he worked with his best pitch, his slider, to return to it. With a full score of 3-2, Stivors gave his last court of the night. Melendez was caught searching and getting up for a strike-out, sealing Texas State’s historic 6-4 victory.

“Obviously, I was a little nervous. Anyone would get into this situation. “But after I dropped this first warm-up, I calmed down a bit and knew that if I trusted myself, I would win this game for us,” said Stivors. “It’s an opportunity given once in a lifetime, it does not come often. I will love this moment every second of the day. I’ll probably never forget that in my life. “

Second-year right-hand man Otto Wofford (1-0) won his first win of the season after retiring from the team in the fifth inning. Stivors was credited with his third save of the year and the 13th of his career. Wuthrich hit 3-5 with three RBIs.

Crimson and Gold, now a top-10 team in the NCAA Rankings Power Index, will one day take a break to prepare for their turn with Southern (3-10) this weekend at Bobcat Stadium, with their first game to start on Friday at 6 p.m.

Trout does not want his players to be too far ahead of themselves, although the team is slowly establishing itself as a potential contender for the College World Series. Baseball can be a humble sport – last season proved it for the State of Texas.

But baseball can also be a humiliating sport. He proved it for the State of Texas on Wednesday night.

“People need to know the Bobcats, we are a very good team this year,” said Wuthrich. “And especially for us, we are not really interested in outside noise, ratings, anything. “It has to do with us and gaining that confidence and continuing with that.”

Disch it back: Bobcats take down No. 1 Longhorns on the road Source link Disch it back: Bobcats take down No. 1 Longhorns on the road

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