Digital nomads: the reality of running a business from anywhere

Jubril Agoro remembers first hearing the word “coronavirus” in Bali, Indonesia last March. “I just panicked,” he says. After 11 years of journey, co-founder of financial education business Live Richer Academy Founder of a travel video company Passport heavy I hurriedly boarded the return flight to the United States.

34-year-old Agoro is one of an ever-growing number of digital nomads. That is, people who work remotely online and are “location-independent.”according to report According to MBO Partners, who support independent professionals and their clients, the number in the United States increased by 49% during the pandemic, from 7.3 million in 2019 to 10.9 million in 2020. Freed from their offices, many are on the road rather than staying in one place, “the report adds.

Nomadic life is very attractive — and in some countries, Barbados and Bermuda, Trying to attract more remote workers.However Wider tax impact Working away from your home country is complicated. Anyone planning to work abroad in the long term should seek professional tax advice.

Life as a digital nomad

Agoro, a Nigerian-American who started his first business as a teenager selling goods on eBay, said:Month [in Bali]”.

After returning to America, he headed to California. Since then, he has traveled abroad again and admitted that it is a “very delicate topic”. Some argue that there are divisions on social media and non-essential travel is irresponsible. “I try to live the best possible life responsibly,” Agoro said, adding that he wears a mask and undergoes a weekly Covid-19 test.

Thomas Parkinson, Amazon Seller in the UK and Founder of Amazon Support Company Fast Track FBAHe says he worked in bar management for five years after quitting his degree in electronics and before starting his first online business. After experiencing a relationship collapse, a friend suggested that he try to run his company from abroad. “I just booked a four-week vacation … and I still remember calling my sister and saying,” I’m not coming home. ” That was about three years ago, “he says.

Parkinson, 35, is currently in Mexico and will move to Mexico City after staying in Cancun for five months.

Malaysian software developer Farez Rahman, 49, is married to British data consultant Jo Lodge, 46. The couple moved from the UK to Malaysia in 2017. The purpose was to run a web development agency. Red key digital Remotely while maintaining a UK client base. “When I was working in London, I had a pretty good salary, and at the end of every month I had nothing left. Here we live on just a small part of that salary And they seem to have more cash, “says the lodge.

“Some days I work for my clients, some days I do my own, some days I surf. I’m doing something exciting for me,” Rahman said. I will.

With a travel writer Author Matt Kepness founded his blog, Nomadic mat,2008. “I didn’t want to go this way. As you know, life unfolds by chance,” he says.He started a blog focusing on budget travel Life as a digital nomad, As “a simple way to write freelance in the hope that I will write enough to continue my journey.” A 40-year-old American has traveled to more than 100 countries, but during the pandemic he stayed close to his home, traveled the United States, and spent six weeks in Mexico.

For Brenna Wholeman, her childhood dream of becoming a travel writer “looked unattainable enough to want to be an astronaut.” In her thirties she started blogging. This tattered suitcase, 2010. She hasn’t left her hometown of Manitoba, Canada since January 2020, and says readers appreciate the fact that she didn’t promote her trip during the pandemic. “They feel sick because they either feel it’s not an ethical decision or they can’t travel because they’re in a part of a closed world,” she says.

How did the pandemic affect your business?

“Last year was actually great,” says Agoro. “As people began to focus more on learning how to finance and budget,” Live Richer Academy celebrated its first seven-digit earnings month in April 2020.

For Rahman, business is “OK” and “projects are coming and going.” The lodge worked remotely for several months with her former employer, the British Council, but since the contract expired she has been “techie YouTube channelCovers data and business intelligence.

The travel blog community has been hit harder. Kepness created a membership program and started hosting virtual events. “It made that change, as these would never have happened without Covid.”

Wholeman had several sources of income before the pandemic. “It was a big blow when they all shut down at once,” she says. “Did you really find out what I really like? How can I pivot and what can I save?”

Hope for the future

The digital nomadic lifestyle may be the next move that will appeal to some workers who are unexpectedly freed from office life. Between 2019 and 2020, an 18% increase in Americans said they “plan to become digital nomads in the next few years,” according to a report from MBO Partners.

Agoro said: “One of my biggest goals is to show people openly. This is possible and much easier and more affordable than people thought.”

The goal of Parkinson’s disease is to reach £ 1 million in sales. He wants to “hire a Mustang from Miami, drive the US Open, meet many Amazon sellers, do it on YouTube, and do it in three months.” He also wants to visit his Asian friends and meet his team in the Philippines.

Rahman and the lodge want to be able to visit friends and family in the UK. Meanwhile, the couple “looks at different sources of income,” says the lodge.

Wholeman does not plan to travel abroad, but wants to travel locally in the summer. “I’ve always said that if no one has read the blog again, or if they don’t make another cent, they’ll still do it,” she adds.

For Kepness, “I just want to go back and rekindle my love for travel,” he says. “I like my job. I’m waiting for the storm because what I’m doing will come back soon. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Digital nomads: the reality of running a business from anywhere Source link Digital nomads: the reality of running a business from anywhere

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