Different stroke symptoms could be making them harder to spot early in women

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A new study shows that although the first signs of “classic” strokes such as movement and speech problems occur between women and men, women are more likely to experience more symptoms, such as confusion and weakness.

But the data are too small to be able to predict whether these differences lead to delayed diagnosis or lack of diagnosis. mata.

Stroke occurs when there is a sudden loss of blood to a certain area of ​​the brain and is the second leading cause of disability in the world. Women experience disabilities after stroke and are three times more likely than men to be erected after a stroke.

Author’s guide Dr. Sultana Shajahan from the George World Health Center said early diagnosis It is important in the management of stroke, but previous studies have shown that women are more prone to delays, leading to worse outcomes.

“One of the reasons for the delay may be the sexual differences in it signs of stroke when it was first introduced to health professionals, but there was a limited number of studies that examined these sexual differences, ”she said.

To illustrate this carefully, the George Institute researchers analyzed data on a total of 36,636 people suffering from stroke from 21 studies conducted mostly in the US or Europe, with published results between 2002 and 2020.

Between 45 and 55 percent of the participants were mostly female students, and were older than men when presenting strokes (average age 62 to 79 years and 58 to 70 years for men).

The researchers found that women were more likely than men to show other symptoms that were not related to any area of ​​the brain such as confusion, fatigue, weakness, headaches, loss of consciousness and mood swings.

Women also have a lower risk of certain symptoms associated with other parts of the brain, such as difficulty speaking, changes in their ability to walk normally and instability in their legs.

“We know that women with stroke are more likely than men to initially have symptoms of non-stroke, and this may be because they do not always show what can be considered ‘classical’. ‘The symptoms are not as severe as in men,’ said Dr. Shajahan.

“While there is not enough data to see if these differences lead to delays in or lack of diagnosis, more information about sexual differences in the symptoms between providers Getting involved in early diagnosis of severe stroke will help. “

Researchers have called for more epidemiological studies using standard data collection methods symptoms to lose or delay the diagnosis, to improve stoke care for both men and women.

Why stroke can affect women, men differently

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Different stroke symptoms could be making them harder to spot early in women Source link Different stroke symptoms could be making them harder to spot early in women

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