Diamond ‘Dogs win weekend series on Bob Bennet Day

Ixan Henderson became Friday’s key player for coach Mike Batesole, showing a strong performance in a 11-1 win over New Mexico.

Henderson, now (6-2), went seven strong in a winning streak on Friday night, allowing just one winning streak with just three hits and two rides for the Lobos. It was a surprise to better fit his career, finishing with 11 K’s overnight.

Assistant coach Ryan Overland said Henderson’s competitive push is fueling the whole team to fight harder.

“What he has done by leading this pitching staff and the way he fights, the way he attacks the strikers and the way he sees the competition, this whole team has taken that approach,” Overland said.

The Bulldogs’ offensive power was fully evident in the victory of the explosion, as four “dogs ran into battle.

Ivan Luna on the bat in the game against New Mexico on April 9, 2022 at Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium. (Wyatt Bible / The Collegian)

Tommy Hopfe drove a home run into the park in the second inning, which was followed by a solo shot to the right by Payton Allen. Andrew Kachel then followed with a three-pointer RBI on the right side of the court, scoring Ben Newton.

In the third period, the singles with the backs of Jacques Morgan and Ivan Luna led Morgan to score on a wild field and make the 4-0 lead for the “Dogs”.

Then, Josh Luck made a solo shot in the center in the fifth, making it 5-0. The Bulldogs did not end, however, as Morgan scored a double and then came to score with an RBI Sacrifice Bun from Allen.

Vinny Bologna then outscored Hopfe to make it 7-0 in the fifth.

The Lobos achieved the only streak of the race in the sixth, as Lenny Junior Ashby scored a double RBI.

In the seventh inning, Bologna smashed a three-way Homer to the left, scoring Allen and Hopfe to contribute to the final rows of the blast victory.

In Saturday night’s game, the Lobos bats came to life and the Bulldogs lost a tough match 4-3.

A third scenario for New Mexico brought them first on the board.

The ‘Dogs responded right back at the bottom of the third with their only run to the right, coming from Kachel who reached a Lobo throwing error. Kachel then came to score, dragging home after Lobo catcher Shane Podsednik failed to catch Lauck stealing second.

A two-pointer at home to New Mexico at the top of fifth place put the Lobos ahead 4-1, but Kachel reduced the Lobos’ lead to a one-on-two score in the center left. However, this would be the only thing the “Dogs” could gather in the last innings of defeat.

Kachel matched the highs of his career in a three-hit game, reaching the triple round, adding two runs and two RBIs to defeat.

Andrew Kachel expects to play in the game against New Mexico on April 9, 2022 at Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium. (Wyatt Bible / The Collegian)

Southpaw Jake Dixon lost (1-3) but made at least six appearances for a fifth straight start, making six appearances while allowing eight hits, four runs, no walking and scoring four.

In the series final on Sunday, celebrating the legend of coach Bob Bennett on Bob Bennett Day, the Diamond ‘Dogs won the series against New Mexico 6-2.

After loading the bases, Sunday’s starter Roman Angelo (3-1) escaped unscathed from the first inning and continued to throw five innings while limiting Lobos to five hits, one unbeaten run, three walks and five hits in victory.

“Having a man with me [Angelo’s] experience to pass this inning and get us a few zeros on the board, so that our attack scores first, that was probably some of the biggest pitches of the day in the first inning there, “said Overland.

Fresno State started the scoring in the third, as a couple of walks and a kick from the field loaded the bases for Luna. He gave a double RBI with two clearing bases that hit from the right wall of the field and raised the “Dogs” with 3-0.

At the bottom of the third period, Morgan managed to shoot down a Lobo in the third base, when New Mexico threatened with two runners. The pick off game paid off, as there were no runs.

Ixan Henderson on the embankment in the game against New Mexico on April 9, 2022 at Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium. (Wyatt Bible / The Collegian)

“It simply came to our notice then. This is what the big players do. “They find different ways to help them win a game other than just succeed,” said Overland.

The Lobos responded with a couple of runs to reduce the Dogs’ lead to one, scoring one-fifth on a wild field by Angelo and adding a solo home by Cody Holtz to the sixth.

The “Dogs” increased their lead to 6-2 with another three streaks at the bottom of the sixth, taking an RBI single from Bologna followed by two more streaks in a Lobo throwing error.

The Lobos threatened late in the ninth, taking a pair of runners, but Cooper Bergman managed to get Sean Stephens to knock out, trying to seal the victory.

“These three guys – Hoff, Peters and Bergman – we made them new today and we knew we would probably need nine out of 12; it was huge for these guys to be able to keep that lead,” he said. Overland.

Luna was the leader for “Dogs in Victory”, 2-for-4 scoring one in a row and contributing three RBI’s.

The Diamond ‘Dogs will be on their way to Sacramento State for a series of races on Tuesday, April 12th. The first stadium is scheduled for 6 p.m.

Zach Morgan (left) and Payton Allen (right) celebrate the game against New Mexico on April 9, 2022 at Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium. (Wyatt Bible / The Collegian)

Diamond ‘Dogs win weekend series on Bob Bennet Day Source link Diamond ‘Dogs win weekend series on Bob Bennet Day

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