Details your attorney will need to improve your chances of winning a claim

Attorneys are well known for helping people when they fall in trouble.  However,  it is also true that an attorney can help a client as much as the latter cooperates with him. Without such cooperation,  your case can fail to obtain a favorable outcome,  in terms of its effectiveness. This is applicable to car accident cases as well. Your Orange County car accident attorney will demand a list of details from you to make sure you get a successful result.

Are you sure about the details that your car accident attorney will ask for? If answered no,  you need not worry as we have compiled a list of the information that you should be ready with before meeting your car accident attorney.

Your personal background details

To start off with,  you should provide your lawyer with the required personal details that he will need to handle your case in a proper manner. The details that you need to give him are your present and permanent address,  birth date,  proof of ID,  emergency contacts,  and other contact details.

Details and description of the accident

since you have to present your case in the best way possible for receiving compensation,  your attorney should have a complete understanding and knowledge of your accident. He needs to know the location of the accident,  how it occurred, and the time and date of the accident,  among several other details. Make sure you never hide any important information from your lawyer even though you feel embarrassed.

Details about your vehicle

Ensure you provide all details about the vehicle that include manufacturing details,  purchase documents,  registration papers,  vehicle model number, license,  and much more. If you were not driving the car during the accident,  you also have to provide his details as well.

A copy of your car insurance policy

Your car accident attorney might even ask for a copy of the declaration paper from your insurance company and other details about the policy. In case you have filed a car insurance claim,  assemble all these documents along with the contact details of the adjuster and provide them to the attorney.

Copies of medical documents and bills

In case you sustained severe injuries in the car accident,  make sure you provide medical bills and other information related to the accident to your attorney. All these details will help bolster your case and increase the likelihood of obtaining compensation for your financial expenses. You will be able to receive more compensation based on the strength of your case.

Photos taken at the accident scene

Did you take any video footage or photos at the scene of the car accident? If you also have a certificate from the car repair shop,  combine the certificate and the photos and share them with your attorney. In case there is any CCTV footage available at the location of the accident,  you should also provide the footage to the attorney.  Video surveillance evidence is highly valuable in such cases.

So,  before you rush to meet your car accident attorney,  make sure you have all the above-listed details in place.



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