Despite $108 Million Surplus, Budget Wrangling Underway Between Mayor and Supervisors

City Hall is enjoying an unprecedented $108 million budget surplus, which, rather than simplifying budgeting, is sparking an all-out war between various special interests who think the “fiscal cliff reserve” money really should be set aside for them.

It was a relief last December when Mayor of London Breed announced one $108 million budget surplus for the city of San Francisco because earlier in the COVID era we looked at a $650 million deficit. So the big surplus makes budgeting easier, right? No, quite the opposite, according to a few recent rundowns from the major dailies.

Breed’s proposed budget totals $14 billion, so let that figure factor in and provide context that the $108 million surplus isn’t exactly all the money in the world. Then consider that Breed’s budget isn’t final yet, it’s a proposal, and one that the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Appropriations Committee will be nitpicking for at least the rest of the week.

(If you like that sort of thing, and God help you if you do, this committee just wrapped up a roughly six-hour initial meeting just before 4 p.m. Wednesday. They’ll meet again both Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m., and will be broadcast live on SFGovTV both days. Expect it to take at least six hours each day.)

As the Chronicle notes, Breed wants Spend big bucks funding SFPD and downtown recreation. But probably any other manager would be happy to cut some or a lot of this plan to spend on other community support services or non-profit organizations.

“We make Sophie’s decisions in each individual budget about what we will and will not fund,” Hillary Ronen, supervisor and chair of the Budget & Appropriations Committee, told the Chronicle. “If we funded your position and you can’t get it together and hire that position, then it wasn’t as important as you told us and I will take it.”

Meanwhile, the examiner dives deep into a Application for a $118 million investment in the AAPI community. As we found out last week, that money would come from a “fiscal cliff reserve”, and wouldn’t you know that there’s suddenly a whole slew of “fiscal cliffs” that have just opened up across San Francisco now that the Supers are debating who might get some excess cash.

Budget and appropriations committee meetings continue this week, and then the full board has until August 1, 2022 to vote on and approve the budget. And to get straight to the point, the officers up for re-election this November are Catherine Stefani, Gordon, Mar, Matt Dorsey, Rafael Mandelman and Shamann Walton, a factor that whoops could impact their engagement on budgetary issues affecting their district’s key constituencies.

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Despite $108 Million Surplus, Budget Wrangling Underway Between Mayor and Supervisors Source link Despite $108 Million Surplus, Budget Wrangling Underway Between Mayor and Supervisors

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