Deshaun Watson settles 20 civil lawsuits

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has settled 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits against her, according to attorney Tony Buzbee, who represented the women, and released the following statement:

“Cases against Deshaun Watson began with a phone call from a brave and strong woman. That woman was Ashley Solis. At the time of that call, it was just one of hundreds of calls for legal aid that our company receives on a weekly basis. Even though our performance was initially ruled out by the process, my staff insisted that I speak to him personally. I’m glad you kept it.

“Once we took a second look, and after contacting Watson’s original lawyer who disrespected Ashley and her profession and downplayed the behavior of someone who arrogantly called her ‘active’, I was convinced she should try to help our law firm. Ashley’s voice As a result of her loneliness but courage, many women who soon experienced the same behavior had the courage to move forward, and I am proud to represent them all. .

“Today we have an important prediction of these cases, but it is important to emphasize that without Ashley Solisi, the behavior of these women would probably continue unabated. to examine how teams may or may not be able to engage in certain behaviors;

“Today I announce that all but four of the cases against Deshaun Watson have been resolved. We are working on the formalities related to these settlements. about.

“As I said, Ashley Solis is one of the heroes in this story. Her case has not been resolved, so her story and that of three other brave women will continue. .

In March, a grand jury rejected Watson’s indictment after filing 22 previous civil lawsuits following a police investigation.

The women in the lawsuit accused the NFL star of exposing herself during massage appointments and touching them inappropriately.

This article was written by Kaylyn Hlavaty WEWS.

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Deshaun Watson settles 20 civil lawsuits Source link Deshaun Watson settles 20 civil lawsuits

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