Deputies detain suspect in midst of North County armed robbery spree

An armed man suspected of robbing or attempting to rob an employee of a CVS store in three cities in North County on Friday night, according to a sheriff’s deputy, through active work by the sheriff’s agent. Was arrested.

According to San Diego Sheriff Lieutenant William Amavisca, the first two robbers occurred in succession in Encinitas and Carlsbad. After hearing these two calls, Solana Beach lawmakers decided to head to the CVS in their city just in case.

According to Amavisca, the move paid off when a man who matched the robbery’s account appeared at a Solana Beach store. He stopped the attempted robbery there and tried to escape the legislator, but was caught after a short foot chase.

According to Amavisca, the first stagnation was reported shortly after 8:20 pm at the CVS in Encinitas Boulevard, just east of Interstate 5. When the agent arrived there to begin the investigation, a man with the same explanation as the Encinitas robber raised CVS in Carlsbad.

Amavisca occurred under the police jurisdiction of Carlsbad, so there was little detail about the second robbery. He also didn’t know if the robbers were targeting pharmacies or front counters.

But when asked about a series of robbers, Amavisca said a team of agents working on special details at Solana Beach headed for the CVS in Lomas Santa Fedrive, just west of I-5. While observing the store shortly before 8:40 pm, a man appeared and entered, consistent with the previous explanation of the robbery suspect.

According to Amavisca, when the man came out without going through the robbery, his agent was surrounding the store for backup. He started running and the lawmakers chased.

The robbery allegedly abandoned his pistol before he was detained during a short chase. He also suffered a broken leg — unclear how — and rescuers took him to the hospital for treatment.

Deputies detain suspect in midst of North County armed robbery spree Source link Deputies detain suspect in midst of North County armed robbery spree

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