Democrat Gavin Newsom wins California recall election, NBC News projects

Gavin Newsom California Governor, 2021 September 13, Monday, gave a lecture at the campaign event at Long Beach City College of the United States Long Beach, California.

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According to the prediction of NBC News, it is possible to fulfill the remainder of the term of office as Gavin Newsom survived an attempt to Republicans tried to dismiss him from the governor of California, the chief executive of the state Democratic Party is the most populous in the United States I did.

The face-to-face voting ended on Tuesday at 11:00 pm ET. Voters have been submitting ballots by mail for several weeks.

NS Governor’s recall efforts The second in California history, the opportunity to seize power in so deep blue of the state to the Republican, was to qualify for the vote.

Voters were asked two questions: Newsome is should be replaced, if he is recalled, who should take his place on the outside of his 46 opponents in the election?

Newsome was elected to a term of office ending 2023 with an overwhelming difference in 2018, spent a few months in an attempt to Kawaso the efforts of the Republican-led. Coronavirus pandemic..

About 1.5 million Californians, and dissatisfaction with health instruction that the state has issued, for Newsome of mask-less dinner party in the midst of rapidly growing Covid incident appeared, signed the recall petition.

Recall efforts, forest fires, droughts, rising cost of living, and of course in addition to the pandemic, is the steward of the nation’s largest national economy Newsome is one of several of the crisis that had to be addressed in the past year It was just. .. Fresh data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention California’s Covid infection rate is declining, However.

Polling during the summer showed more fierce competition in the call election, Recently shifted in favor of Newsom..

His campaign is, the state of the voters of the Republican exceeded in two-to-one, was to increase the turnout among voters of going Democratic Party of satisfaction.

The governor had a huge financial advantage over the enemy. He has a campaign war chest of $ 70 million Barack Obama before by prominent Democrats, such as the president to ensure his tenure, was unleashed one after another anti-recall of advertising.

Newsome is, at Monday’s meeting, the results of the election is felt throughout the country, climate change, pandemic, and even has received the last push from Joe Biden President stated that shape the direction of the country on the right of reproduction ..

Biden also accused conservative talk show which is the moderator of Republican Larry Elder is a prime candidate for the election, was represented him as a “clone” of Donald Trump former president.

Elder In a recent poll, it holds a considerable lead over the rest of the field, hitting the far more support than any of the challengers to compete in order to succeed Newsom. He overturned the vaccination, pledge to cover the obligation, repeated the claims of false playing cards on a wide range of voter fraud in the 2020 elections, laid the foundation of incorrect information on National dismissal.

45 people of candidates other that support could not be obtained from the voters was configured in a wide variety of personality. The candidate of the Republican Party, and Caitlyn Jenner is an Olympic athlete in the original reality TV personality, it will include John Cox, who participated in the campaign events in the live of the Kodiak brown bear.

Democratic candidates include Hollywood actor Patrick Kilpatrick YouTube billionaire Kevin Pafras I ran to make Newsom a success.

This is a developing story. Please check for updates.

Democrat Gavin Newsom wins California recall election, NBC News projects Source link Democrat Gavin Newsom wins California recall election, NBC News projects

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