Delta passengers and crew subdue unruly passenger on Atlanta-bound flight

According to the airline, unruly passengers landed a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta on Friday night in Oklahoma City.

According to Oklahoma City police, Delta’s flight 1730 crew and passengers crushed the man after attacking two flight attendants and said they “will drop the plane.”

This was the second Delta Air Lines diverted for days of confused passengers.

According to passenger Benjamin Curly, 29, who was sitting in the backseat, a packed flight on Friday night was when an intercom announcement advised passengers to return to their seats and prepare to wear an oxygen mask. , About 2 hours away from the destination.

“It caused a lot of turmoil,” Curly told CNN on Saturday. “People behind me said,’Well, that’s really bad.’ That means it only happens when the plane goes down.”

A few minutes later, the captain asked, “All healthy people should come in front of the plane in an emergency,” Curly said.

“I was afraid of the worst,” he said. “I prayed that God would protect my family in case I was gone.”

Curly said he and the passengers next to him bolted from the seats for help, but didn’t go too far.

“We didn’t get close to anything because basically everyone on the plane got up and was in the aisle,” Curly said.

As he headed in front of the plane, the flight attendant said, “The situation was in control,” and asked him to return to his seat.

“It was very tense and very adrenaline-inspired,” said media producer Curly.

Oklahoma City police captain Jermaine Johnson said that when the plane landed, uncontrollable passengers were detained and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Passengers had to leave the plane as bomb engineers searched for and cleaned up the plane, Johnson said.

Other passengers later described the man as “very chaotic, very strange” and “very inconsistent,” according to Curly. A passenger sitting next to the man told Carly, “I have a lot of very personal questions,” such as name and spelling, “he was very uncomfortable with the man.” Passengers told Curly that he had written a note to the flight attendant accusing the man of being a hijacker.

Curly said the man was said to be “pretty weird” wearing a helmet with elbow and knee pads.

According to FlightAware, the plane stayed in Oklahoma City for more than three hours and landed in Atlanta after 5 am on Saturday.

The destructive passengers were under the control of the FBI. No criminal charges have been filed, according to Johnson. CNN has contacted the FBI for additional information.

“I wanted to sleep on that flight, and that didn’t happen,” Curly said. “It feels very surreal … it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s like you’re really always behind your head, for example, wondering if this will happen. Well, today it really does. I am very grateful that it has not ended terribly. “

The Federal Aviation Administration received about 2,900 reports of “passenger uncontrollable behavior” this year, FAA spokeswoman Maria Nyok said in a statement.

About 2,200 of these reports were about passengers who “refused to comply with federal face mask obligations.” The FAA has identified 446 “potential violations” and 42 “initiated enforcement measures,” she added.

“I’m not afraid to continue flying,” Curly said. “If anything … it really reveals the need to raise more awareness about the mental health crises that many people are facing, especially those exacerbated by pandemics.”

On Thursday, Delta Air Lines flight 1131 from Los Angeles to New York was diverted to Detroit Metropolitan Airport due to passenger confusion, according to Wayne County Airport Bureau spokeswoman Lisa Gas.

Mr Gus said the passengers seemed to “have no criminal purpose” and may have “suffering from medical problems.” Passengers were quoted for chaotic behavior.

June 4, Passengers attempt to break through Delta’s cockpit The flight from Los Angeles to Nashville forced the plane to make an emergency stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, officials said. Another passenger and crew dropped the man and detained him until the plane landed.

Destructive passengers were placed under federal control, said Stephanie Kitz of Albuquerque International Sunport.

Delta passengers and crew subdue unruly passenger on Atlanta-bound flight Source link Delta passengers and crew subdue unruly passenger on Atlanta-bound flight

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