Defendant in 2018 adult bookstore stabbing in Midway District pleads guilty

Almost three years ago, a man accused of fatally stabbing a clerk at an adult bookstore in the Midway district pleaded guilty to a first-class murder on Tuesday.

Sean Ward, 42, was charged with the death of Diane Spagnuro, 65, whose body was found on October 29, 2018 at the X-Spot Adult Bookstore on Midway Drive near Kemper Street. It was.

Ward faced allegations of murder committed during robbery and torture murders and in special circumstances, both of which subject him to death. As long as Governor Gavin Newsom is in office, executions are a state-wide moratorium in California, but state law allows prosecutors to execute executions in certain cases.

The District Attorney’s Office announced in June 2019 that if he was convicted, he would seek execution of Ward.

Ward is expected to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for plea. He will be sentenced to prison on August 6 in front of Judge John Webber of the High Court.

Spagnuolo, who lived in El Cahon, worked in an adult bookstore for over 24 years when she was killed. A That day, the customer stepped into X-Spot and found his body. Near the front counter of the store.

Police released a video of a surveillance camera that took an image of the suspect (later identified as Ward) in a bookstore on the afternoon of the murder. Police arrested Ward in his residence later that night.

Alexis Wylie, daughter of Spagnuolo, said her family was relieved to see the proceedings against her mother’s murder end. Ward’s plea was “a small victory among all the other small victories that made up this journey,” Wiley said.

“The family has lost an important part of their heart and (we) miss her a lot,” Wiley said. “I miss my mom very much.”

To interview At the 2019 Union Tribune, Wiley said her mother was nervous about working alone in a bookstore.

Wiley described her mother as generous and compassionate. She said Spagnuolo made friends with homeless people in the Midway area and let them stay in the space behind the store.

“She was a very kind person. She was always thinking about other people and always wanted to have a good time and make sure that others had a good time,” Wiley said. I did.

Defendant in 2018 adult bookstore stabbing in Midway District pleads guilty Source link Defendant in 2018 adult bookstore stabbing in Midway District pleads guilty

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